Monday, August 18, 2014

Mason Mitchell: 3 Months

Mason turned 3 months on July 15th, 2014.

Age: 3 months
Height: 25" (74th percentile)
Weight: 11 lbs 12 oz (10th percentile)

Nicknames: Mr. Mason, Mase, Mase-a-roo, Mase-a-doodle, Mase-a-rooni, Mason Mitchell

Milestones: Mason is on the verge of giggling and his coos are starting to turn into little shrieks!  Mason has also started grasping all kinds of toys.  He loves grabbing the dangling toys on his playmats and his monkey bouncer.  He also can grab his o-balls now and holds onto them for a while.  

Loving Dixie kisses!

Sleep: Mason is awake a LOT during the day!  Occasionally he'll take a great nap and then other days he survives on a lot of little cat naps.  We get a lot of comments about how alert he is and how often he's awake.  He has started sleeping through the night (YAY!) but not every night.  If he wakes up, it's usually only once around 3-4am.  He's still sleeping in the rock and play next to our bed but some nights we put him in the pack'n'play next to our bed.  He doesn't hate the flat surface, but definitely does better in the rock and play.  For naps I've been putting him in his crib when possible but he also naps in his rock and play and swing.

Best Moment: Mason has started smiling in response to his big brother and I love the interaction!  I also love hearing Mason's little shrieks and I know he's SO close to giggling!

Health:  Mason's spit up has gotten much better.  He still spits up almost every time we put him in the car seat and probably after about 50-60% of his feedings.  Sometimes it's a big volume and other times it's just a little.  I'm glad it's improving because we were going through way too many outfits and burp cloths!

Eating: Mason nurses 6-7 times a day, usually for about 20 minutes.  He had his first bottle this month!  He's now had 4 bottles.  The first bottle wasn't very fun for him, I think he got frustrated.  The second attempt we used a Playtex with the NaturaLatch nipple and he did great!  We used the same bottle for his 3rd and 4th bottle feedings and one went well and one did not.  I think we will probably practice more this next month but we haven't had any major reason to bottle feed yet.Sizes: Mason is still in 0-3/3 month clothes and size 1 diapers.  His 3 month sleepers are starting to get short but he still has plenty of room in his 2 piece outfits.  He goes through about 6-7 diapers a day.

Things I want to remember: Mason isn't a fan of tummy time!  He has rolled from his tummy to back two times when I put him down for tummy time!  I think it was a fluke because he hasn't rolled again.  :)  He is able to lift his head high but usually he just puts his face into the blanket/playmat and whines.  I always feel so bad so I end up flipping him over!  We're working on different techniques so he can strengthen those neck muscles!  He still loves holding onto his blankies while he's resting.  He is SUCH a happy baby and always gives me a huge smile when I get up close to him.  He has a fussy period each evening around 8-9pm before he falls asleep.  He has so much fun on his piano playmat and monkey bouncer.  We've tested out the bumbo a few times but he's still a bit too small.  He loves riding in the car and will sometimes cry at stop lights and quiet down as soon as we start moving again.  He isn't very into pacifiers anymore and will usually spit it right out if we try to give it to him.  He does try to suck on his fingers and hands a lot though!  I also love the way Mason's little ears stick out.  It's so adorable!


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