Pregnancy #2

On August 19th, 2013 I confirmed my hopeful suspicions and found out I was expecting Baby2!  I had been in NYC August 15-18th with Nick and I didn't want to take a pregnancy test there because I really wanted to tell him in a fun way when he got back to Ohio!

With my first pregnancy, I waited a day to tell Nick so I could plan a cute surprise.  That day felt SO long!  This time I had to wait even longer - until August 22nd when Nick got back from his business trip.  I made a special shirt for Carson and we bought a "Baby" balloon.  When we went to pick up Nick at the airport Carson greeted him in his shirt with the balloons!  Nick didn't see the shirt at first and thought the balloons were "welcome home celebratory balloons"...haha!  Once I had him check out Carson's shirt he was super excited!  Here's a screen shot from a video I took:

We were lucky enough to get our first sneak peek at Baby2 on September 11th when I was 7w6d.  Our earliest ultrasound with Carson was at almost 10w so it was really cool to see the baby this early.  The baby was moving around and we even got pictures of the cord!

This was how we shared the news with a lot of our friends and family:

Just like my first pregnancy, I couldn't wait to see if we would be giving Carson a baby brother or a baby sister.  We scheduled an elective ultrasound for October 25th.  I was 14w1d when we found out we were TEAM BLUE again!  Carson went with us and loved watching his little bro on the big screen!

This is how we announced the gender to our family and friends.  I can't wait to see my boys together in the shirts I made for them!

Here's a look at my growing baby bump:


Mason was born on 4/15/14 8 days early (38w5d)!

6lbs 12oz and 19"!

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