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I'm a SAHM (former teacher) living it up in the suburban Midwest.  Sounds like a movie script so far, right?  I'm sure you're hooked so keep reading!

I went to school for Early Childhood Education and I'm licensed to teach K-5 as well as K-12 Reading.  I've taught reading intervention, kindergarten intervention, and first grade.  I'm currently taking some time off from teaching to stay at home with my son, Carson.

Speaking of Carson, he was born May 18, 2012.  Check out my other tabs to see more about my pregnancy and to read Carson's birth story.  
4 days old

4.5 months old

I've lived in Ohio my entire life and don't have any plans in the [near] future of moving away.  My husband and I would love to live somewhere with a warmer climate (and a beach!), but it's just not in our cards right now.  Not to mention we'd miss our family too much!  Speaking of the husband, we met back in 2002 and started dating in early 2003, but he will tell you we started dating in '02. :)  We moved in together in 2005, got engaged in 2006 and got married in 2008.  We're best friends and he means the world to me.

We found out in September 2011 that we were expecting our first child and that baby would be due on our 4 year wedding anniversary!  We also have a couple of super-cute fur babies that are quite often featured on the blog.  Chip and Dixie are Yorkies and also litter-mates.  We brought them home in 2005 a month after we moved into our house together and they've helped to make this place a home.  They are spoiled rotten and they deserve it!
Dixie (7 years) and Chip photobombing!

Chip (7 years)

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