Friday, October 31, 2014

Mason Mitchell: 6 Months

Age: 6 months
Height: 26.5" (50th percentile)
Weight: 14lbs 3oz (3rd percentile)

Nicknames: Mase, Mase-a-roo, Roo, Roo-Roo, Roodles, Mase-a-Doodle, Brother, Roodle-Doodle

Milestones: Mason can CRAWL!  I was shocked when he started army crawling at 5.5 months.  He [army] crawls all over the place now and crawls to get to specific toys, it's so cute!  He also can sit unsupported now.  I still don't trust him 100% so I usually put the boppy around him or sit right by him in case he wobbles and tips over.  If we put him next to something he'll hold on and can stand for a few seconds but he's still pretty shaky.

Mason was baptized this month!  

Mason also started "solids" this month!  (see below)

Sleep: Mason does great overnight.  I typically do his last feeding around 7:30/7:45 and he goes to bed after that.  If you rock him to sleep and try to set him in his bed he will bear hug your arm and hold on for dear life, it's hilarious!  He usually wakes up to eat in the 4/5am hour but there are nights when he sleeps all the way through until 6 or 7!  He takes 3 naps a day and his morning nap is usually his best nap.  The evening nap is tricky because it's right before dinner time, Carson is energized from his nap, and there's always a lot going on.  He's still napping in the swing and sleeps in his PNP or crib overnight.  He's not interested in napping in the crib yet so I'm glad he's a peanut and the swing still works for us!  I'm trying not to stress about transitioning him...yet!

Best Moment: Definitely watching him start to crawl.  It's so much fun to see him go for something he wants.  If Carson is in the room Mason is always right by his side.  He crawls to him immediately to see what he's doing.  

Health:  Mason started Prevacid for his reflux right after turning 5 months.  It definitely seems to help but he still spits up frequently.  It's just less volume now.  We first got our medicine from Kroger and it was flavored with grape and Mason wasn't a huge fan.  We switched to CVS and they flavored with strawberry and he seems to really like it!  He's in the 3rd percentile and the doctor said we aren't in the "red zone" yet but we're in the yellow.  We just don't want him to fall off the growth chart.  As far as developmental health, the doctor is very pleased and said Mason is reaching 8-9 month milestones!  :)

Eating: Mason nurses every 3 hours for about 15 minutes.  He can be super distracted so sometimes it's a little hard to get him to nurse long enough.  He still has no interest in bottles.  We started solids this month and Mason loves his oatmeal!  He grabs at the spoon and pulls it toward his mouth.  For some reason in my head I was thinking solids would help chunk him up but the doctor suggested to continue nursing as much as possible since breastmilk is more calorie rich than baby food.  Mason gets oatmeal for dinner every night and we still have just as many nursing sessions.  He gets a sippy of water with his oatmeal just to practice.  He rarely drinks any but sometimes he'll get a little sip.

Sizes: Mason fits perfectly in 6 month outfits.  I even unpacked his 9 month clothes a few days ago and some of those fit as well.  He's long and skinny so some of his pants are big around the waist but they're highwaters!  :)  He's in size 2 diapers still.  Target brand and Pampers seem to work the best on our skinny guy.  He is already SO wiggly during diaper changes, he constantly wants to flip onto his tummy!  

Things I want to remember: Mason is so happy!  He's almost always smiling.  He is super ticklish under his arms and by his collar bone and will crack up.  He is starting to LOVE playing peekaboo and will giggle when we play.  He loves to touch things and feel the texture.  Mason loves baths and splashes SO much water out of the tub.  I'm still using the infant tub since I don't fully trust his sitting abilities quite yet but soon we can start using the inflatable tub IN the big tub and it will save my bathroom from being flooded!  

Favorite Toys: Mason loves little toy cars.  We have a few that are specific for babies but he always wants to go for his brother's toys.  Carson is pretty good about taking his toy back (ha!) and replacing it with one of Mason's.  Mason also loves anything he can chew on (in his book, that is literally anything)!  He's a big fan of almost any teether I give him.  He also loves books and is really into "Baby Colors" right now.  He loves looking at the babies and reaching out and touching their faces.  He has a lot of fun with his piano playmat now that he can sit up and play the piano like a big boy!


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