Thursday, May 30, 2013

DIY Gift for the Hubster

Last Friday was our five year anniversary.  FIVE.  I can't believe we got married 5 years ago and I also can't believe 2008 was 5 years ago!  I'm getting old.  I bought Nick a Garmin GPS watch/heart monitor for his running, but I also wanted to make him something.  Before I get started, let's reminisce together....

So my DIY gift I decided on was Pinterest inspired: a Date Jar!  The basic idea is that you write a bunch of date ideas on craft sticks and stick them in a jar.  When we want to go on a date (family or couple), we can just pick a stick and skip all of that planning and "What do you want to do?" "I don't know, what do YOU want to do?"  Ugh, we're so bad at that!

Date Jar

What You Need
Craft Sticks
Marker to write on sticks
Stickers or colored markers to color code your sticks (You could also try to find colored craft sticks)

How to Make
1. Make a list of date ideas.  I asked a few of my friends and even googled.  I wanted to be creative and not just write down our "usual" dates.
2. Write your date ideas on the craft sticks (one per stick).
3. If wanted, color code your sticks.  I have family dates, couple dates out, and couple dates at home.
4. Decorate your jar.
5. Put the sticks in the jar.

Seriously, it can't get much easier than that!

Here are some of the dates I included in the date jar.  Some of the dates are dates we can do with Carson.  Some are dates for home after Carson goes to bed.  Some are dates that require a babysitter for Carson.  I tried to include a variety!

  • "Rent" a movie (Netflix, Red Box, etc.)
  • Firepit date in our backyard
  • Blanket fort and movie
  • Wii game night
  • Take out + board games
  • Visit our favorite restaurant
  • Movie + Dessert
  • Cooking classes
  • Mini Golf
  • Ice Skating
  • Bowling
  • Coupon Date (go somewhere we have a coupon for)
  • Thrift Store Challenge (each person gets $5 and we have to come up with the craziest outfit)
  • Trampoline Park
  • Coffee Date
  • Dessert only Date
  • Bike Ride
  • Food Truck Date
  • "New to us" restaurant
  • Bakery
  • Restaurant Hop (one place for appetizer, one for main course, one for dessert)
  • Fro-Yo/Ice Cream
  • House Hunters (visit Open Houses for fun)
  • "Hiking" at a Metro Park
  • Family Lunch Date
  • Farmer's Market
  • Feed the Ducks
  • Park
  • Water Fun (sprinkler, pool, water table...all at home)
  • Pool Day
  • Children's Museum
  • Zoo
  • Picnic (home or at a park)
  • Find a new park

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  1. Love this! I have been meaning to make one! Great date ideas! :)

  2. ahh, I almost made this last night but I made something else.. I'm making this this weekend for sure! Thanks for the awesome date ideas :)

  3. love this! finding time to have a "date night" {especially with a little one around} can be so difficult. but having the date jar sounds like a great way to make that a little easier.

  4. Such a fun and easy gift! Love it.

  5. Your blog makes me happy. I love your guys wedding pictures and I am absolutely crazy about that date idea! I am emailing it my Fiance now! I'm new here... just saying hi! xo

  6. Love the idea of a date jar. So much better than one person having to decide what to do.

  7. I like this idea! And the house hunters one, I would've never thought of that but I love it!