Monday, June 3, 2013

June Goals + May Goals Update

It's goal time!  Check out my previous goals I've set for myself if you missed them before!  

Here's a look at how I did with my May goals:

1. Continue "training" for my first 5k and do not skip any weeks!  Success!  I'm currently on Week 6 of C25k.  I didn't skip any days of training, but I did add in a few non-c25k running days when I felt like I was struggling.  On those days I just ran a mile.  It was actually nice because it was a quicker workout (obviously) and it boosted my confidence.

2. Go on a date with the Hubster.  We did it!  We finally went out on a date, haha!  So sad that it took so long.  We went to a movie, went to one of our fav restaurants, and also walked around the shopping area.  When we were shopping we even picked out a few super cute outfits for Carson, haha!  

3. Create a simple chore schedule.  Success!  I've created my schedule, now I just need to start it!  I created a basic monthly schedule so I was waiting for June to start.  At least that's my excuse! ;)  Hopefully it won't be too hard to stay on track!  I love crossing stuff off lists so I was thinking about laminating my schedule so I could use a dry erase marker to cross off things that were completed.

4. Buy a few new pieces of clothing for ME.  Success!  I bought a tank top that I wore in our family pictures.  I really liked it so I went back and got it in another color.  (Yes, I'm one of those people.)  I also bought my first maxi dress.  I was a little unsure about it so I posted it on IG and got a ton of positive feedback!  I'm still unsure what type of event to wear it to....I'm a maxi dress virgin! 
New tank in coral

New thank in aqua
New maxi!

5. Go through our dressers/closets!  Partial success.  I went through Carson's dresser and packed away all of his 12 month clothes (sad).  Now all of his NB-12 month clothes are packed away in space bags in a big box in our basement.  I have to say, I'd love to have a girl but I will be really sad if I don't have another boy so I can put him in some of his big brother's outfits! :)  I failed on going through my own clothes.  I need to pick a day and sit down and do it during nap time.  I have so much I don't wear and I could make a ton of room in my closet!  

Now onto new goals!

June Goals

1. Read 2 books.  Last month I didn't have any reading goals, but I did read one book.  I'd like to try to read two books this month since my goal for 2013 is to read 25 books!

2. Follow my new chore schedule.  Now that I made a schedule, I need to stick to it!  My excuse for not starting it yet was because I was waiting for a new month.  June is here and it's time to get on track and keep this house clean and organized!  

3. Pack up some of Carson's old toys.  Carson got a TON of new toys for his birthday.  Such a lucky duck.  I kept some in the packaging so we could get them out in a month or two, but we still have toy overload here.  I need to pack up some of his old toys that he's getting too old for anyway.  I've been in denial long enough...the jumperoo must go!

4. Find a new craft to do with Carson.  I haven't done a craft with Carson since Easter (unless you count our DIY playdoh we made for his birthday).  I love making little hand/foot print crafts that I can have out on display and then stick in his memory box.  Time to start browsing Pinterest for some summer craft ideas!

5. Go through our dressers/closets!  This was one of my May goals, but I only went through Carson's clothes.  This month I want to try to get through at least my clothes and possibly Nick's!  Hopefully I can get a huge donation pile and make some room in my dresser/closet!

What are your goals for June?



  1. Girl you did good on your May goals. I'm glad you and the hubs had a date night. Sounded perfect :)

  2. I am loving that dress! I think I need to make some goals too.