Monday, June 17, 2013

A Father's Day Photo Tradition!

Remember that spray painting tip I posted last week?  I painted a 'D' and an 'A'.  Last year I did a little photo shoot for Father's Day.  I bought some wooden letters and snapped away until I got some cute pictures of my squishy little newborn.  I stuck them in a 3-slot frame and Nick loved it!  Here are the pictures from last year:

Now that everyone might have baby fever, let's talk about how INSANE it was to get the photos this year!  I'm sure my neighbors were pretty entertained as I ran around (literally) trying to get some good shots!  Here are some of the adorable outtakes: 

And finally, here is the final product.  I love it and Nick loves it too!  He said it's so fun to see his personality coming through in the pictures!

**I bet you're wondering why I had to paint the letters this year if I already had them from last year, right?  Well, I returned the letters last year after only using them for the pictures thinking to myself, "WHAT will I ever do with a 'D' and 'A'?!"  Silly me.  I went back this year (to multiple stores) and they were sold out of the white wooden D's!  I had to buy unfinished wooden letters and paint them white.  Mistake noted, I'm keeping the letters this year!



  1. So cute and so fun to see how he's changed!

  2. lol... I would have done the same thing "WHAT will I ever do with a 'D' and 'A'?!" ... this is such a cute idea though.

  3. Haha, oh my!! These are the cutest pictures ever. The one with his hair blown up and it looks like he is pointing his sunglasses at you, ahh so hilarious!

  4. Too cute! I did that last year with my 3, but couldn't seem to get it together this year!