Thursday, June 13, 2013

Spray Painting Tip!

Today I'm sharing a super simple tip for all of you spray paint addicts!  How many of you have tried to spray paint something flat (a photo frame, for example), and then were hit with one of these problems: your flat object became stuck to your surface from the paint, you had to flip the object to get all the edges, you got paint on your fingers, etc.  Well I'm here to solve all of your problems!  (Do I sound enough like an infomercial yet?)

This is seriously the easiest idea.

What You Need
Cardboard base
Pushpins (not the flat type, obviously)
Spray Paint

How to Do It
First, gather the objects you want to paint as well as your cardboard base.  I used an old box that I pulled out of my recycling bin.  Dumpster diver!
Next stick your pushpins into your cardboard, making sure they line up with your objects.  I used 3 for each one of my letters.

Finally, spray your letters!  I chose the windiest part of the day to spray these so I hope they look okay when they dry!  It was so nice not to have to lift them at all and the paint is all around the front surface as well as the beveled sides!

I *promise* I found this idea on Pinterest but for some reason I can't find the original pin!  Also, if you're curious about what I'm doing with these letters, stay tuned!  ;)

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  1. DUH! Why didn't I think of this before! Great idea!

  2. Where were you last week when I got myself into a spray paint mess?! lol

  3. Yep, definitely having a DUH moment over here! Such a smart idea!

  4. Now that is smart!!! I just decorated and painted letters for the nursery too!! ha

  5. What a great idea! I just spray painted some stuff a couple weeks ago and I totally should have used this tip. Now I know for next time :)

  6. When I saw this on Pinterest I thought the pins were in the wooden letters and was like...this will end in blood. Makes more sense to put into the box below! DUH! Genius!