Monday, January 27, 2014

Bumpdate: 27 Weeks {3rd Trimester!}

I rolled over to 27 weeks on January 23rd.  I can't believe I'm officially (almost?) in my third trimester!  Some people say you aren't officially in your third tri until 28 weeks so I guess if that's true I still have few days left in second tri!  This pregnancy is FLYING by and it makes me a little sad!  I'm glad I've taken the time to document my weekly bump though!

27 Weeks!
Baby is currently the size of a RUTABAGA!

Next Appointment: February 21st.  It feels like it's SO long away but after that I won't have the 4-week waits anymore...thank goodness!

Gender: Adding another BOY to our family!  Check out our reveal photo.  

Total Weight Gain: At my OB appointment on 1/22 I found up I was +17 (at 26w6d)....eek!  I hate gaining weight, but who doesn't?!  At least it's for a good cause, right?  :)

Maternity Clothes: Yes.  Still wearing a lot of non-maternity tops but I'm finding that a lot are too short for my liking. 

Sleep: I toss and turn ALL night.  Every time I adjust, my back hurts so bad!  The sheets are currently in the washer so I think while they're off the bed I'm going to try to flip our mattress around to see if that helps.  Probably a crazy silly idea but I'll try anything!

Movement: Movement has picked back up!  Mason loves jabbing his knees/feet/elbows/etc. out on my right side now.  Carson used to to this too but I think it's funny that Mason pretty much always does it on my right side!  He must have found a comfy position in there.  :)

Food Cravings/Aversions: This week I've been loving peanut butter and jelly on toast.  I had it for lunch and dinner a few times this week!  I also still don't like meat but I did buy some chicken breasts at the store just for Nick.  We'll see if I actually can gather up enough courage to prepare them into a meal.  :/

Best Moment This Week: Hearing Mason's little heart beating away at my appointment!  (155bpm)  Even my doctor commented about his movement!  

What I Miss: I miss meal planning.  A lot of my meals include chicken or turkey and since I can't fathom eating those things right now, I have a hard time planning a menu for the week.  Luckily my sweet husband isn't picky and is happy with anything I make!

What I'm Looking Forward To: I'm already looking forward to our next appointment in February even though it's a LONG way away.  I'm also looking forward to planning Mason's nursery!  I have a color scheme picked out and I'll do a blog post about some inspiration soon!

Symptoms: Super sore lower back, peeing 24/7, round ligament pain, belly that looks like ocean waves.  :)

Extra Notes From the Week: I had an OB appointment this past week and got some updates and news.  I completed and passed my glucose screening test (yay!) so I got to have that lovely orange cocktail, YAY!  I also asked about my lower back pain (again).  My doctor wants me to check to see if my insurance covers physical therapy.  I'm kind of doubting they will but I'm going to call anyway and cross my fingers.  I also asked about my frequent bathroom breaks.  I wondered if it may be Mason's position thinking he might be putting extra pressure on my bladder.  My doc said that's possible but had me tested for a bladder infection just in case.  She said that pregnant women often get bladder infections with little to no symptoms so she just wants to rule it out.  I also found out I'm anemic so I'm going to be starting an iron supplement soon.  No big deal and I'm not surprised because I was borderline anemic when I was pregnant with Carson!

Here's my weekly bump pic with Carson.  This is what a real life toddler kiss looks sweet, right?  :)



  1. You look great! Still so tiny. So glad you passed the glucose test- that's the worst

  2. Yay for passing your glucose test! I can't believe you're already (just about) in your third trimester!!! Baby boy is going to be here before you know it!

  3. You look great! You're a few weeks ahead of me! Love reading up on your weekly prego posts!