Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bumpdate: 37 Weeks {FULL TERM!}

37 Weeks!
Baby is currently the size of a WINTER MELON!

Next Appointment: Today (April 8)....and I'm officially 37w5d!

Gender: Adding another BOY to our family!  Check out our reveal photo.  

Total Weight Gain: As of 36w6d I was +27.

Maternity Clothes: Yes but I found a few non-maternity shirts that will work for me still.  I can't even believe it!  (Scroll down for selfie!)

Sleep: I've been having trouble falling asleep at night so I've been reading a bit which helps make me sleepy.  I usually fall asleep some time after midnight and then I get up a few times to use the bathroom.  I've had some contractions (BH most likely) that have woken me up and I'm always paranoid so I stay awake to see if they're timeable.  So far, nothing serious!

Movement: I think poor Mason is running out of space!  I still get plenty of movement, but he always seems to be in the same position because I can see his little tush stick out on the right and a foot sticking out on the left!  It's pretty funny but it makes me sad he can't move around as much in there!  

Food Cravings/Aversions: Still no meat over here EXCEPT I've been loving dairy meat.  I know I'm not supposed to eat it but I really craved Jimmy John's and Subway.  I also got a hot sub from a pizza place that was delicious!  This week I also craved smoothies (normal).

Best Moment This Week: I finished up the nursery for the most part!  Mason's wall art is hung, his clothes are folded in the dresser, and his bedding is on his bed!  I know he won't be in there right away but it looks cute anyway.  :)  Now we just need to put a chair in there so I can rock him every night just like his big brother!  

What I Miss: Being able to take deep breaths!

What I'm Looking Forward To: My appointment today!  My doctor has been out/busy so I haven't seen her the last 2 weeks (except for a brief meeting after an ultrasound/NST at 36w).  I'm excited to see her again.

Symptoms: I've still been having more contractions but nothing that I can time so that's good.  

Extra Notes From the Week: My doctor was out of town for the week so I was scheduled to see another doctor who I've met before.  When I got to the office the doctor I was scheduled with had left for an emergency delivery.   They had re-scheduled me with an older male doctor I had never met before.  Unfortunately I wasn't very happy with him.  He obviously didn't read my chart and was very rushed!  I had woken up the night before my appointment around 3am very nauseous with a bad headache.  When I got to my appointment that afternoon I still had the headache after taking Tylenol 3x.  When I asked him about it he just said "take more pills".  Weird that he didn't ask me ANY other questions.  He also asked "Have you started dilating at all?"  If he would have read my chart he would have seen I started to dilate at 31w!  Then he checked me VERY fast and said "What were you last time?"  I told him 3cm/70% and he said "Ok, about the same then."  I didn't feel like he really even checked!  Luckily I haven't had anything concerning going on and my headache went away so I'm just ready to see my regular doctor again!

Here I am before going to a friend's house for a "Celebrate the Pregnants" brunch.  There are currently 5 girls pregnant in our group of friends and we're all due between April and August - so fun!  Anyway, this is one of the non-maternity tops I found that actually fits still.  Probably because it looks like a maternity top, haha!


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  1. Would that be deli meat? lol!!!!! Hilarious. And how the heck are you still able to get in to non-maternity shirts, crazy!