Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

Last year I did a post with ideas for Baby's First Easter Basket.  This year, I decided to share some ideas for toddlers.  At 22 months, I feel like Carson is in an in-between stage with Easter baskets.  He's not quite ready for candy, but he also doesn't need Easter bibs/outfits anymore.  This year I didn't want to spend a lot since a.) we just moved, b.) we have a new baby coming very soon, and c.) Carson's birthday is in May!

Here is what I came up with for a toddler Easter basket on a budget!

I feel like Carson's Easter basket looks like it was sponsored by Crayola but I promise it wasn't....they just have good prices!

Here's a look at what's inside (click the links to find the products)
I think I might also add in some bunny-themed treats like bunny crackers or bunny grahams.  Here's a breakdown of what I spent and my total approximate cost:

Coloring Book: $1
Crayons: $2
Bath Drops: $1
Bubbles: $3
Bathtub Finger Paint (2): $2
Swim Trunks: $5
Book: $1
Sidewalk Chalk: $2.50
Bunny Ears: $0 (these were saved from last year!)
Total Cost: $17.50!

What are you putting in your child's Easter basket this year?  


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