Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Carson Anthony: 22 Months

In 2 months I will have a 2 year old.  How is that possible?!  Carson is growing up before my eyes and it's so fun to watch him grow and develop but I wish it could happen a little slower!

What Carson Loves Right Now
-Carson loves balloons ("boons!")  He gets excited if he sees them anywhere and I can blow one up at home and it will be his favorite toy for days!  We still have a mylar Valentine balloon that survived our move that Nick keeps refilling and Carson LOVES playing with it!
-Carson loves walking the dogs.  He can be totally content with walking them around inside the house which is a great activity when it's too cold to go outside.  We've been lucky enough to have a few warmer days and Carson loves taking the dogs for walks in our new neighborhood.  One day he even requested the stroller but still insisted on holding a leash....talk about royal treatment!  :)

-Carson loves his Mega Bloks Dump Truck.  He actually got this for his first birthday but this past month he has fallen in love with it all over again!  He loves to push it around the house and collect things as he goes.  The most common collector's items include balls, small cars, and water bottles.  He also loves to ram it into things and say "boom!"  We're working on not chasing poor Chip and Dixie with the truck.  :/
-Carson is still really into basketball.  He'll request to watch it on TV and also loves playing with his hoop.

-Carson loves to run!  As soon as Nick gets home from work Carson will go over to him and say "Run Dada!" and Nick will take his hands and they'll run around the house together.  Carson could seriously do it for hours!
-Carson's favorite foods include chicken nuggets (and veggie nuggets), peanut butter sandwiches, bananas ("beh-lah"), any fruit, and "cookies" (aka Teddy Grahams or Annie's Bunny Grahams).  I usually buy Annie's and Carson specifically asks for "bunny cookie please" after dinner every night!  This month he has finally gotten back into veggies a bit.  He really likes corn and broccoli and sometimes will eat steamed carrots.  

What I Love Right Now: Carson has turned into a major cuddle bug this past month!  I'm not sure if it's because he was teething almost the entire month or just because he's a sweetie, but I love it.  At our new house we have a gate at the top of the steps instead of at the entrance to the playroom so he has free range of the entire second floor.  Sometimes we'll be playing in the playroom and he'll run to his room, grab his blankies ("bank-eee") and run back, put them on my lap, and lay his head down.  It's seriously the sweetest thing!  He loves snuggling while we read stories together and sometimes even while we're just playing on the floor.  He almost always wants to be sitting on my lap which I love!  I also love that his speech TOTALLY took off!  He has more words than I can begin to count and mimics everything.  It's so fun to watch him communicate!
Carson built this "fort" on his own during our move...so creative!

Some of our Biggest StrugglesRemember how Carson insists Mommy put him to bed?  Wellll, we haven't made much progress.  I have to admit, it's kind of my fault.  I love doing his bedtime routine so I do it every night.  Most nights, if possible, Nick will be in there with us and read a few stories but now Carson won't even let Nick hold the book.  He's okay if Nick reads the story, but he wants Mommy to hold it.  Oye!

Another "struggle" is that Carson recently learned "no" and shakes his head.  It's REALLY cute and funny but he's learning what no means and when we ask him questions like "Do you want to go put your jammies on?" He'll say "no!", shake his head, and run away.  It can be a little tricky but so far, he's only thrown a few tantrums when he didn't get his way.  I'm nervous for what's to come!

A struggle of mine that I always forget to mention is cleaning.  Carson is absolutely terrified of the vacuum!  He won't even walk by one if it's in the hallway.  It's really funny but it makes cleaning really hard...especially since I can't wear him in the Ergo anymore with my pregnant belly!  Luckily he's fine if he can play with me or Nick while the other one of us vacuums but he always has one eye on the evil machine, haha!

Exciting Milestones & Physical ChangesCarson added two more teeth this month!  He got his top two canines (cuspids).  They took a LONG time to come through and we could tell they were really bothering him.  His poor gums were swollen.  He's still working on the bottom two and I'm sure once those come through we'll start on the 2 year molars!

This month Carson learned to do a somersault on his own!  He had been doing it with assistance for a while but then randomly one day he got into position and did it himself.  The cutest thing was that when he finished, he got the biggest smile on his face and said "I did it!"  Now he does them all the time and still exclaims "I did it!" after each one.  So cute!

Carson has gotten really familiar with his colors this past month.  His favorite color seems to be yellow and he always points out yellow things.  He also likes orange and green a lot.  We're still practicing blue, red, and purple but he's doing great.  He'll point out white cars and white things in books but we don't really have white toys to practice that with so I'm not sure if he's mastered white yet.  :)

As far as speech Carson had a language EXPLOSION!  I can't even make a word list anymore because he literally has so many.  I'm so thrilled!  He says 2-word sentences all the time and sometimes even puts 3 words together.  One example is "Bunny cookies please"...every night after dinner.  :)  He is a little parrot and will repeat almost anything and he often recalls the words and uses them correctly later.  With the growth in his speech he has also become quite the negotiator.  A few times when he has gone to doctor's appointments with me he played a few games on my phone.  One was "Toddler Cars" and the other was a balloon game.  He quickly became obsessed.  He started asking for "car game" all. the. time.  When I would say "no car game" he would say "boon game!"  He also does this by asking to watch "Elmo compu" (we watch Sesame Street songs on YouTube and dance).  If I say "no Elmo", he'll respond with "Grover compu!"  Such a silly boy!

This month he started saying "Mah-deh" for Mason and it's really adorable.  He loves to give "Mah-deh" hugs and kisses and even tells him goodnight before bed!  I'm so excited (and a little nervous) to see what he'll think when Mason is outside of Mommy's tummy!

Animal Sounds (15): Cow, Elephant, Pig, Fish, Duck (although it doesn't sound like a quack...more like "duck! duck! duck!"), Sheep, Chicken (which really sounds like he's clearing his throat for some odd reason!), Snake, Dog ("bow-wow!"), Owl, Cat (sort of sounds like he's saying "awww" in a high pitched voice, haha!), Monkey ("ha-ha!"), Lion/Tiger ("rah!"), Goat, Horse

**As of 22 months Carson says just about every animal name too!

Body Parts He Can Identify (24): Head, Hair, Ears, Eyes, Nose, Cheeks, Mouth, Tongue, Hands, Fingers, Feet, Toes, Tummy, Belly Button, Knees (he usually thinks I say "sneeze" so he'll give me a fake sneeze and giggle!), Shoulders, Bum, Wee-Wee, Legs, Arms, Chin, Neck, Elbows, Teeth

Things We're Looking Forward ToBy the time Carson is 23 months he will most likely have met his new little brother Mason!  I can't wait to see what he thinks and I'm hoping it won't be too rough of a transition.  I'm also looking forward to warmer weather so we can get outside more because Carson loves being out there!


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