Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

I'm linking up with Michelle today and you should too!  I fell off the Pinterest bandwagon a while ago.  BUT once the app came to the Android market, I got right back on!  I know exactly what you're thinking: "This girl doesn't have an iphone?!"  Yea, I'm an outcast like that.  I actually like my Samsung though.  I don't have the GS3 (yet) but I love my Galaxy S II!

Anyway, back on topic......
Today I'm linking pins from my 'Home Decor and DIY' board.  If you aren't already following me, click that button on my sidebar.  I have boards for home, kids, education, food, etc.  ------->  
Yum!  This is perfect for cold weather days!
I love this quilt!  It looks like baby bedding in this pic but I want an adult sized version!
Who wants to make this for me?  I'm not patient enough!
Source: via Emily on Pinterest
A glitter wall!  Why wasn't this around when I was younger?!

Let's be honest (Michael Kors), I won't take the time to do this...but it's cool!

Such an easy fall wreath and you could change it up a bit for other seasons!

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  1. Great! Now I have two new wreath ideas, I'm making one this week!

  2. Ooh I love those wreaths!
    These are some great pins! Love your blog!
    Happy Wednesday to ya! :)

  3. I absolutely adore the candles and wreath!

    Stoppin by from the linkup!