Monday, October 22, 2012

Show & Tell!

Today I'm linking up with Becky over at From Mrs. To Mama for Show & Tell Monday!  Ever since having Carson, my "fashion" is pretty lackluster.  Basically it's an exciting day if I get some extra accessories on or if I'm wearing some stripes instead of a solid tee.  I need to work on this!

1. Tell us your favorite stores to shop at.
Target, Kohls, Express, Macy's.  I used to love F21 but I don't have enough patience for that place anymore!  I will buy online though. :)  Love AE for jeans...their new skinny kicks are amazing!

2. What are your "signature pieces" to wear.. your go-to outfits?
Jeans for sure!  I wear them every day unless it's too hot.  I also love cardigans!  My go-to outfit would probably be jeans w/ flats or heels, a cute tank and a cardigan.  Once it gets a little cooler (probably soon), I'll be wearing more sweaters and 3/4 shirts.  Long sleeves never work for me b/c I have long arms!

 3. Show us your style through pictures {of you or pinterest finds}.
 Make sure to note all the cardigans! :)
OSU gear = essential for the fall wardrobe!

typical summer outfit

summer again...babies are cute accessories!

 4. Show us your favorite celebrity style icons.
I love Jennifer Aniston's simple yet stylish wardrobe!  Looks so easy!

5. If you had to spend money on clothes or home items, which would you choose?

I love clothes but I would honestly spend it on home stuff!  I love buying new accessories for our house to change it up every now and then.  Plus I wouldn't feel as selfish since I share my house stuff with 2 other people! ;)

6. Show us your favorite accessories.
Diamonds are a girl's best friend!  I love simple pieces that work with any outfit!
This is very similar to my every day diamond necklace.
My new favorite earrings = studs.  Carson pulls on anything else - ouch!

7. Tell us in one sentence your philosophy behind shopping. {What makes you buy an item}

I rarely pay full price.  I'm pretty cheap.  Not cheap like my husband but I buy mostly sale items and I use coupons.  If I can save money, why not!

P.S. That cowgirl picture in #3 is totally a joke.  I live in Ohio, not Texas.  (Although I am jealous of those girls in Texas with their big hair and cowgirl boots!)



  1. Ditto for not paying full price. I'm a sucker for those clearance stickers.

  2. i have to gather up patience to shop at f21 which i did on saturday but only because i needed some of their plain v-neck tees and i stood in line to pay longer than it took me to find the shirts i wanted. online is much easier to do1