Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Halloween Craft

Carson went to daycare for about a month before I decided to stay at home with him.  I loved his daycare and his teachers were great, but that didn't make it any easier for me to leave him there every day, all day!  One of the things I loved about his daycare was the cutesy crafts they did with the babies.  I knew I wanted to continue this when I was home with him so here is our first craft!  I got this idea from a friend in my mom's group and later saw it on Pinterest as well.  Here is our version:

Here is the Pinterest version:

Total cost for this project: $1.50!  I only had to buy the paint...the rest was stuff I already had at home (including the cheap frame).  I used white craft (tempera) paint and painted it on Carson's feet with a foam sponge brush.  I sat him in the bumbo chair and brought the paper (on a clipboard) to his foot.  This took a few tries so I'm glad I didn't use canvas!  The 'BOO' is letter stickers I had in my scrapbook stash on some orange paper with ribbon embellishment.  Easy peasy!

It's silly how excited I was about this!


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