Sunday, April 21, 2013

Social Sunday

Sunday Social
What is your shopping weakness? Sale items!  Sometimes I get stuff off the sale/clearance rack ONLY because it's a good deal.  I hate that I do that because I end up with some random stuff I'd never buy otherwise.  

What is your food weakness? This is going to sound so silly but generic chocolate oreos!  I love regular Oreos but I honestly have no self control with these chocolate yummies.  The generic are better than the actual Oreos in my opinion.  (NOT true with original Oreos!)

What is your go to movie to watch when nothing is on? I really like comedies but I don't have a "go to".  There's alway something on in my house because I'm always playing catch up with my DVR!  

What is your go to breakfast food? I don't like breakfast food.  :(  I've never been a big breakfast eater and I don't eat eggs!  Pancakes are starting to grow on me.  If I have to go out to breakfast I will order a Belgian waffle (YUM) and hopefully some fresh fruit.  If I'm at home I eat dry cereal (usually Cheerios or Lucky Charms).  So fancy!  Oh and my hubster makes some delicious chocolate chip waffles!
Courtesy of the husband.

Do you drink coffee? If so how do you take it? I used to be addicted!  I would drink regular coffee with flavored creamer (french vanilla is my go to).  I don't drink caffeine anymore but occassionally I still get a decaf coffee.  I love decaf mochas (1/2 hot chocolate, 1/2 coffee) and I also love ....wait for it, this is going to sound a little high maintenance... Decaf Skinny Soy Vanilla Latte, iced if it's warm.  Yum!  


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