Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What My Husband REALLY Thinks About Me...

I'm linking up with the lovely Becky today for a fun post written by my one and only Hubster!  No offense to any sister wives reading my blog today!  ;)

When I was telling my husband about this post, this is exactly how our conversation went....

Me: Oh, I need you to write a blog post for me!
Nick: What?  I don't even know what that means.
Me: What you mean?!  It means exactly what I said. You have to write a blog post for me!
Nick: I can't do that, I don't even know how.  I have no idea what to write.
Me: All the blog husbands are doing it.  You have to do it!
Nick: I really don't know how.
Me: You have to.
Nick: Okay, but you have to help me.

This was followed by a game of 20 questions...

"Do I have to include pictures?" 
"Are the other husbands really doing this?"
"Will this be my own post or will you write most of it and I'll just add a few sentences?"
"What is the purpose?"

...And so on.  He cracks me up.  Come on hubs, JUST DO IT!

My GQ Hubster.  How did I get so lucky?

Before I share this with you, let me just say that it literally made me smile so big when I read it.  Also, I may have shed a tiny little mouse tear.  Maybe.

So without further ado....this is a copy and paste of what he sent me via email:

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Five facts about my lovely wife Emily

She’s obsessed with finding new crafts and decorations to make all the time! She literally makes decorations for 2 seasons out just so she is “ready” when it comes around. I don’t think we could ever move somewhere where we had to live in an apartment, because she wouldn’t be able to store all of her bins full of decorations for each season!

She’s the only person I know who grew out of wearing glasses. She wore them when she was little and her sight got better so she didn’t need them anymore.

She HAS to coordinate every outfit. I think this is a girl thing, but I don’t know what she’s going to do when Carson gets older and starts dressing himself! She may have a meltdown the first time he puts on some brown shoes with black pants. I try to dress him occasionally but normally am not always successful, because his pants don’t coordinate with his top, or his sweater doesn’t match his shoes.

She grew up without really going on vacations at all, so the first time she saw the ocean was when she was 17 with me down in Florida. We went to Ft Myers with my dad, and ever since we go back down at least once, normally twice, per year. She is now obsessed with warm weather (Probably not unusual for someone who has to put up with our crappy Ohio weather all winter).

She is a great mom! She spends all day with Carson, takes him to tons of different baby activities, and she loves doing it. She never seems to want a break she loves being with him so much. I have to get one of our moms to come over and drag her out to get her to leave him for a little bit. She does all this while cleaning, shopping, and meal planning so we always have a dinner planned (and normally cooking) when I get home!



  1. So cute! I'm making my husband do this RIGHT NOW :)

  2. Hahaha, LOVE the conversation you two had first!!


  3. Men! ha :) What we wrote was so sweet!

  4. Awww so sweet and thoughtful things about you! Your conversation cracked me up!

  5. So cute! Your hubby is a trooper, I am still waiting on mine to finish his 'homework' :)

  6. loved reading these! thanks for sharing emily :)

  7. This is so sweet :) I am going to go play the 20 questions game with my boyfriend to do it lol