Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Recap!

We had some beautiful weather in Ohio this weekend!  It's FINALLY starting to look and feel like Spring!  Here's a picture recap of our weekend:

I got to wear my new NEON pink shirt and I finally got a new (super bright) phone case!

We got new carpet in our family room.  We got this same carpet in our living room about two years ago and I LOVE it.  When we found out we were getting a pretty good tax refund, we figured we could splurge and do our family room. Our house is only 8 years old so the old carpet was fine but this is SO MUCH BETTER!  It's soft and plush and tan (opposed to gray)!

Before & After
Carson loved watching the carpet installer use all of his special tools.  

Chip & Dixie love the new carpet!

Carson got his first driving lesson.  Obviously I'm joking.  We went to visit Nick at work and Carson was napping so we picked up some sandwiches and ate in the car parked in front of his work pond.  When Carson woke up we brought him up front to watch the swans in the pond!

Saturday we went to a 4th birthday party for my friend's son:
The Birthday Boy!

Carson and one of his BFFs, Hallie!

Pinata time!  (How do you make an accented n?!)

Enjoying the sunshine and some snacks!

Sunday we went to the park for a bit.  Carson tried to pretend that he was too cool for the swings but he was really having a blast. :)

After the park we went to my mom's to celebrate my "little" sister's 23rd birthday.  In less than a month she'll be a college graduate!  That makes me feel so old.
The birthday girl and her bf.

Carson wanted to help open prezzies!

Fascinated by Grammy's harmonica playing skills!

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  1. I just started wearing my bright spring colors, too. It's finally feeling like spring in Boston! We also got new carpet a couple of weeks ago and it is such an amazing change! My pup loves rolling around on it, too! :)

  2. sounds like a fun weekend! Love the pics, especially the ones in the swing! Too cute! Thanks for linking up with us!

  3. Carson's face in the swings is priceless! The new carpet must be so nice!

  4. It looks great! Nothing better than new carpet and new socks!