Monday, July 15, 2013

Birthday Weekend Recap!

If you are my friend on facebook or you follow my instagram (or my friend in real life), you know that Sunday was my birthday!  I wanted to have a fun-filled family weekend and I'd say that was a success.  Here's a look at what we got into....

Saturday morning we went to the zoo.  It was apparently "Kid Fest" day so there were a bunch of character "mascots" running around and Carson had tons of fun!  We have a zoo membership which is awesome and we realized we had never taken Carson over to see the gorillas.  (Our zoo is huge and it's easy to only see half of it in a trip!)

That afternoon my dad and step-mom came over to deliver a birthday present for me and one for the hubs (his birthday is exactly a week after mine)!  It was nice for Carson to be able to visit with them since he doesn't see them that often.  At first he was shy, but then he loved showing off!

That evening we decided to go out to celebrate my birthday [eve].  I hadn't planned anything because I was totally convinced that my husband had something up his sleeve and was going to surprise me.  False.  [Husband Fail #1]  We went to one of our local malls and decided to just walk around the outside area a bit since it was nice.  We went to check out the splash pad and Carson LOVED it and got SOAKED.  Luckily we knew that was a possibility and had a towel and dry clothes in the car.  Here's a quick video:

Someone needs a haircut!!!

After we got Carson changed it was already 6:45 and since the hubster hadn't made reservations anywhere we had to find somewhere that could get us in right away since it was time for Carson's dinner.  We ended up at California Pizza Kitchen.  Not the fanciest of birthday dinners but it was tasty and I didn't feel uncomfortable when Carson got a bit noisy!  :)

Sunday was my actual birthday!  As I was getting Carson up and into a fresh diaper, hubster was downstairs baking some chocolate chip cookies!  [Husband Win!]  Don't be too impressed though, he used my homemade cookie dough that I froze into balls so it was basically like break and bake, ha!  Since it was my birthday, I let Carson try his first taste of my chocolate chip cookies.  
Batman capris are so hot right now!

Later that morning we went to one of our favorite parks and my mom and sister met us there.  My mom brought donuts and Carson had a blast exploring, climbing, and running around.

Later that day we went to Graeter's to get my free birthday sundae.  Perfect timing because the temperature was 90 and "felt like 98"!  We don't go to Graeter's too often, but when we do, I always get a cone.   I might be changing my ways because my sundae was AMAZING.  It was called the "cookie monster".  It had 1 scoop of cookie dough + 1 scoop of cookies'n'cream (my two favs!) and those were covered with hot fudge, chocolate sprinkles, whipped cream, and a cherry on top.  To die for!
We even let Carson try a little bit of ice cream.  He wasn't a huge fan, probably because of the cold-ness but he loved his Cheerios! :)

Later on Sunday my amazing Momma brought over a birthday cake for me!  She has baked this same type of cake for me EVERY year of my life.  It's what I ate at my first birthday party!  I started the same tradition with Carson on his birthday a couple months ago (HOW was that already a couple months ago?)!

How did you spend your weekend?  I hope it was great!

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  1. Happy Birthday Emily!! That ice cream is making me hungry! It looks sooooo good!

  2. So glad you had a fun bday weekend!! :)

  3. Happy belated birthday! It looks like you had a great birthday weekend!