Monday, July 22, 2013

The County Fair, Y'all!

Last week we went to check out the county fair.  My husband grew up out the outskirts of town on some land and he was totally a "country boy" and I was TOTALLY a city suburban girl.  :)  He was in 4H, I didn't even know what 4H was!  He OWNED ducks and lambs.  I owned dogs.  Needless to say, he pretty much lived at the fair every summer.  I had never been!  I went to the state fair when I was younger, but never the county fair.  I'll be honest, it's not my cup of tea.  Now that we have Carson though, it's a lot more fun!  He loved seeing all of the animals!  It was 90-95 degrees the evening we went!

Here are some pictures from our dirt-filled farmy evening at the fair. :)
Carson tried one of Daddy's fair fries!  (Yuck)

Staring contest with Miss Piggy 

Checking out a goat!

This bunny was bigger than our dogs!

All I see is DIRT but I'm trying to get over my OCD....

Checking out some cute ducks!

Rosie the horse

These chickens were at a "petting zoo area"

14 day old calf named Norman! :)

Checking out the cows.

Deciding if he wants to pet the lamb or not.

This pony was so cute!

Carson, SWAT officer. ;)
If the fair was every weekend, I would hate it.  Since it's one week a year, I can handle it.  It was a great place to practice Carson's animal names and sounds!


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  1. I have a love hate relationship with the fair. I think it's so gross, but so fun. When I was younger I used to live at the fair (with friends because we all know I'm not a 4-h type of girl), but it's just so dirty and stinky. haha! Glad you had a good time with Carson!