Monday, March 17, 2014

Bumpdate: 32 Weeks

I hit 32 weeks in my pregnancy back on February 27th.  We took the photos on time but I never had time to publish this update with our crazy move!  Watch out for a flood of bumpdates coming your way! :)

32 Weeks!
Baby is currently the size of a SQUASH!

Next Appointment: St. Patrick's Day!  (March 17th)

Gender: Adding another BOY to our family!  Check out our reveal photo.  

Total Weight Gain: I think I'm around +22.  The nurse at my last appointment was horrible and seriously flung the thing over on the scale and flung it back in .25 seconds.  She didn't even wait for it to balance!  They were busy that day so I understand being rushed but come on!

Maternity Clothes: For sure!  Somehow I'm still getting by with non-maternity camis because they're extra long.  Otherwise I'm always in maternity jeans or yoga pants with mostly maternity tops.  

Sleep: Still having trouble getting back to sleep after middle of the night restroom breaks.  I also do a lot of tossing and turning from my back pain but that doesn't seem to disrupt my sleep too much. 

Movement: Lots of movement and lots of sharp jabs this week!  Sometimes I think Mason is trying to bust out of there and then I have to sit down and have a talk with him and tell him we are nowhere near ready even though we're very anxious to meet him!

Food Cravings/Aversions: I could honestly live off hummus, smoothies, cuties, and some occasional cookies or sweet treats.  Oh, and maybe peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on toast, too.

Best Moment This Week: Hearing Mason's heart beating at my appointment again!  This time it was at 135bpm which is much better than the 120bpm we heard last time.  Carson also started to say "brudder" occasionally which is the cutest thing ever!

What I Miss: I miss being able to roll over at night easily.  It's such a production and it makes my back hurt SO bad!

What I'm Looking Forward To: I'm SO excited to get started on Mason's nursery!  Now that we're in our new house I love having a place for all of his things!  :)

Symptoms: Still a lot of lower back pain.  Other than that just fatigue.  I crave naps every day but never have time to take them! 

Extra Notes From the Week: I had another appointment this week due to my doctor's schedule.  My blood pressure was high but not too high to be concerning.  My doctor said she doesn't start medication this far into the pregnancy so we need to keep an eye on it to make sure it stays within normal range.  My belly was measuring right on again (32cm) and I'm still 1cm dilated.  My doctor said I'm "thick and high" so that gives me a little comfort at least!  


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  1. I'm pretty sure you're the cutest pregnant woman ever! :) I love Carson's slippers in the last picture. How is your moving coming along?