Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bumpdate: 34 Weeks

I'll be 35w tomorrow (March 20) but at least I'm just about caught up on these bumpdates.  I'm glad I didn't slack with the photos because I want to do a collage at the end!  I feel like I grew so much from week 33 to 34! 

34 Weeks!
Baby is currently the size of a BUTTERNUT SQUASH!

Next Appointment: I have a non-stress test on Friday 3/21 and another NST as well as a check with the doctor on March 26th.  My doctor will be out so I'll be seeing another doctor in the practice...I'm not sure why that makes me nervous!

Gender: Adding another BOY to our family!  Check out our reveal photo.  

Total Weight Gain: At my appointment on 3/17 I was 34w4d and I was +25 (with my winter boots, grrr)!  My appointment never seems to fall on one of the warm days where I can wear flip flops!

Maternity Clothes: The only non-maternity clothes I wear are PJ's and long tops.  My amazing friend brought over a huge bag of her maternity clothes and I feel like I got a new wardrobe!  :)

Sleep: I shouldn't say this because I don't want to jinx myself but I haven't been waking up to pee in the middle of the night!  Granted, I wake up in the morning feeling like my bladder may explode, but's nice to sleep through the night!

Movement: Movement isn't as frequent anymore but when he moves he makes it known!  Sometimes it can be painful and it almost always looks funny since my belly contorts!

Food Cravings/Aversions: Nothing has sounded very good this week!  I had cereal, a cutie, and hummus for dinner one night.  I don't know why but I could totally live on hummus and fruit.

Best Moment This Week: Carson has been so snuggly (probably from getting new teeth) and in the evenings when we're snuggling and reading bedtime stories he gives Mason "Mah-deh!" a hug and kiss and says "Ny-ny Mah-deh!".  Melts my heart!

What I Miss: I miss having energy!  I feel like everything makes me so tired lately.  I can run upstairs to grab something and by the time I'm back downstairs I'm practically out of breath.  

What I'm Looking Forward To: Even though weekly non-stress tests (see update below in "extra notes") will be kind of a pain, I can't wait to hear Mason's heart beating more often! :)

Symptoms: Mostly my back pain and fatigue.  I've also been having heartburn for a few weeks which I always forget to mention.  Just like when I was pregnant with Carson, it's mostly when I'm laying down in bed.  Everything else is going great! :)

Extra Notes From the Week: I had an appointment on 3/17 at 34w4d.  I had another cervical check and found out I'm now 2cm dilated....eek!  Every time I have a check my doctor says "Ok, I feel the head..." and it always freaks me out.  That makes it all seem so real!  With Carson I was 3cm from weeks 36-39 so I'm hoping Mason can hold out just like his brother!  My blood pressure was higher again and because of that, Dr. G ordered an ultrasound to check Mason's growth.  She also said she wanted me to start coming in for weekly non-stress tests since Carson's heart rate dropped toward the end of my pregnancy last time and Mason's has been sporadic.  (This week on the doppler it was 150-160 and it had been 120-130 the past few appointments.)  A surprise ultrasound is always fun - my last one was at 18w and I wasn't expecting anymore!  The ultrasound went great and Mason was measuring in at an estimated 5lbs 13oz.  Wowza!  We also could already see that he has hair - just like his big brother!  Unfortunately, we couldn't get any good pics because his head is so far down.  Crazy boy, his brother was the same way!  During the ultrasound when we were listening to Mason's heart, we heard it skip a beat a few times.  The ultrasound tech went to speak with the doctor and Dr. G ordered a non-stress test for today.  I assumed this meant I could cancel the one she had wanted me to schedule for Friday so I was excited to save myself a trip.  I sat on the monitor for about 30 minutes while trying to entertain my poor toddler who had been at the doctor for way too long (thank goodness for Sesame Street songs on YouTube, cheez-its from the nurse, and Mommy being silly)!  While on the monitor we heard Mason's heart skipping beats quite a few times.  The nurse also noticed I was having contractions.  [I had contractions with Carson and didn't realize so I wasn't surprised it's happening again!]  They said that Mason has a fetal heart arrhythmia but it's most likely benign.  They will continue monitoring it during my weekly NSTs and they will also closely monitor my contractions (especially since I can't tell when I'm having them).  If Mason's arrhythmia doesn't go away by the time he is born, he may need to get an electrocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart).  While on the monitor, his heart rate would go as low as 113 and as high as 170, it was so bizarre.  I'm praying this corrects itself and is nothing, but I won't lie - I'm a little worried for my little man.  One thing that brings me comfort is that his 4-chamber heart looked great in the ultrasounds we have had!  My next NST will be this Friday so I'm hoping it goes smoothly!

Someone was a little sleepy during our photo shoot this week!

Our bodies are pretty amazing!


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