Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Carson Anthony: 15 Months!

Carson is 15 months, does that mean I need to start shopping around for Cozy Coupes for next month for his 16th month birthday!?  (Seriously, he doesn't have one yet!)  
Test driving his friend Hallie's car

Carson is officially 24lbs 4oz. (48th percentile) and 31.75" tall (71st percentile)!  Here are a few pics from his 15 month appointment where he was as ornery as ever.  :)

What Carson Loves Right Now
-Carson loves waving to EVERYONE.  He waves to cars driving by our house, waves to birds outside, waves to our dogs, waves to me, waves at the TV, etc.  He seems to get a little annoyed when people don't wave back, but still always has a huge grin on his face!
-Carson still loves balls.  I'm not sure this obsession will ever go away!  He loves shooting hoops with his basketball (or anything that will fit through his basketball hoop) and also loves kicking balls around the house like a little soccer star!  His latest favorite ball is definitely his beach ball.  He carries it all around the house and loves to play "catch" in the driveway.  It's more like fetch, but don't tell anyone. ;)
-He also loves balloons and anytime he sees some sort of sphere that resembles a ball or balloon he goes nuts pointing and yelling "bah!"  It's pretty darn cute. :)
-Carson loves bubbles!  We have a little bucket of outside toys that includes a few bottles of regular bubbles, a jumbo tube of bubbles, and a bubble machine.  He frequently goes and picks one out and brings it to us saying "buh! buh!"

-Carson loves playing hide and seek and chase!  We have an island in our kitchen and he will chase me around it CRACKING up the entire time.  He also likes to play hide and seek but isn't very good at hiding yet.  He loves to seek.  When he goes looking for me, he'll sign "all gone" whenever he checks a spot and I'm not there.  It's so hilarious and adorable!
-Carson's favorite foods this month are definitely bananas and pancakes.  He has pancakes just about every morning for breakfast and gobbles them right up.  He's always liked bananas but now he has started to eat the entire banana before even trying anything else on his plate!
Carson loves stealing Mommy's drinks!

Sharing is caring! ;)

Carson also still LOVES his slide!

What I Love Right NowI'm loving Carson's personality!  He is such a cheerful little boy and LOVES teasing people and cracking up.  He has always loved our dogs but now he's starting to interact with them more and try to play with them by passing them toys and throwing their toys for them to fetch.  He loves to feed them treats and share his food with them!  He is definitely a little stinker and knows when he's being mischievous.  Lately he loves to throw food off his plate for the dogs and then get a super serious look on his face and shake his head "no".  

After he pulled everything from the recliner into his crib!
I found him all wrapped up like this...so snuggly!

Some of our Biggest StrugglesOne thing that we're working on right now is throwing.  Carson has quite the arm and he loves to throw anything.  It started with balls and that was fine.  Now he will pick up any toy (usually it seems to be the sharpest toy around) and then he'll CHUCK it full speed at me or the dogs...or who ever is nearby.  It's been really hard to try to teach him what he can and cannot throw.  Any tips are appreciated! ;)
Carson is still super active and has no fear so that's a constant "struggle" but I think that comes with most little tots his age...especially boys!  He climbs on everything and has recently found a fascination with jumping off things.  Lord, help me! 

Exciting Milestones & Physical ChangesCarson has a new word!  He has learned  how to say "wawa" for water and is using it on a consistent basis.  I can't wait for this supposed "language explosion" to happen.  It's so fun to watch him verbally communicate!  He also now knows how to moo like a cow which is super cute.  If you are reading a book and ask about the cow or elephant, he won't point them out before doing the animal sound for you. :)  He is also in the process of learning to jump!  He squats down and pops up but doesn't quite get off the ground.  It's really adorable and I'm pretty sure he thinks he's jumping 5 feet into the air!

Carson finally has some more teeth!  This last month he sprouted another top lateral incisor and TWO MOLARS!  Those molars are doozies and the second one isn't even all the way through!  He now has a total of 8 teeth - 6 on top and 2 on bottom!  He's due for another haircut but I'm putting it off....like usual. :)  I think I might need to buy some baby hair gel and give him a style one of these days. ;)
Teething Carson = so sad! :(

We were able to do so many fun things this month like splash pads, play cafes, and the children's museum!   

Things We're Looking Forward ToI'm still looking forward to that "language explosion" everyone talks about.  I'm excited that Carson added two more "words" this month and does TONS of babbling still but I seriously can't wait to add more words to his list! 

I'm also looking forward to giving Carson his big Christmas gift this year.  I scored this adorable kitchen for $38 SHIPPED!  As soon as I brought it inside he ran over and gave the girl a kiss.  Such a charmer!

We have some fun things coming up this month including Carson's Grammy's birthday and also getting our house ready to put on the market!  It's going to be a crazy time but we're excited for new opportunities!  

We were able to test out some of his Fall clothes when it got a bit chilly for a few days!  :) 

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