Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Favorite StrollerS. Yes, plural.

Before I get started, if you are in the market for a stroller, PLEASE go check out the amazing deal Zulily is running on Phil & Teds strollers!  This deal only lasts for one week so hurry over to check out what they're offering.  If you aren't in the market for a new stroller, keep reading because you will be by the time you're done with this post.  :)

Click here (or the picture below) to go directly to the sale!

I never thought I'd be one of those moms with more than one stroller.  I used to think, you get ONE good stroller and you won't need any others!  I'm totally biting my tongue now.  Oops!

Back in the day BC (before Carson obviously), I had intentions of getting one excellent stroller and it would work great for all of my stroller needs.  I researched thoroughly and decided on the Britax B-Agile.  I wanted something lightweight since I'm not a body builder and I also wanted the option to use it like a travel system with our infant carrier.  I loved that this stroller had a one-handed fold and was super lightweight.  We decided on this after testing many strollers in stores.  (Note: for those of you wondering why I chose this over the ever popular Baby Jogger City Mini, we liked that our feet didn't hit the rear axle when walking.  We both have long legs and a fairly long stride!)  We ended up getting this stroller as a Christmas gift along with the Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat.  I still LOVE this stroller and use it on a daily basis.  This is the stroller I keep in my car and use while we're out and about running errands, making trips to the zoo, etc.

When Carson was about 6 months old, we started planning our first family vacation.  This vacation would include a flight, rental car, etc.  THIS is when I realized we needed more than one stroller (remember, tongue is bitten)!  We wanted to get a lightweight umbrella style stroller but I was NOT okay with getting one of those $10 strollers that look like they'll collapse.  For some people, those are fine and work great.  For me, I would be having a panic attack going over any bumps on the sidewalk, ha!  Either way, while we didn't want to spend too little, we also didn't want to spend too much.  We did a lot of research and found out about The First Years Ignite.  For under $60, you get a sturdy 14lb stroller that can hold a child up to 50lbs.  Did I mention the seat can recline and it can hold a child up to 50lbs?  Sold!  We have used this for traveling multiple times now and love it.  It steers very easily, folds up very small, and has a decent size storage basket as well as a parent console with cup holders and a zippered pouch!

For a while, I lived my life with 2 strollers.  Then my friend convinced me that I should sign up for a 5k with her and some of our other friends.  I was not a runner at all so I decided if I wanted to complete this race, I needed to start training.  Long story short, I discovered I absolutely positively needed a jogging stroller.  My husband may have attempted to kill me at this point.  I read tons of reviews and found an affordable jogger with great reviews.  I knew the hubster wouldn't be okay with a third stroller purchase unless I could find a great deal.  I stalked Craigslist for weeks and watched all the local ads.  I finally snagged the Baby Trend Expedition for only $85!  (I purchased through Burlington/Baby Depot during a sale and used a coupon as well.)  If you follow the link I posted, Amazon is currently offering the stroller for $75 in a couple color combinations!  This stroller is great.  The front wheel has the option to be locked or pivot.  The stroller itself is easy to fold (although bulky, but what jogger isn't?) and it has a HUGE storage basket.  The parent console area has 2 cup holders as well as a small plastic bin that snaps shut - great for cell phone, keys, etc.  It even comes with a snack tray for your child with two cup holders!

Who wants to help me convince my husband I need a FOURTH stroller?  Zulily is making me feel like I NEED to score an awesome deal on the infamous Phil & Teds strollers.  Not only are these strollers super snazzy, but they have rave reviews.  Did I mention some of them have options for a second seat?  Hello, baby #2!!  (Note: I am not pregnant...yet!)  ;)



  1. We have gone through like 10 strollers in the last 11 months trying to find THE stroller! We ended up with a Maclaren Techno for errands and the like, a Baby Jogger for adventuring and a City Mini Double for when I babysit during the week. We tried the regular Graco travel system, 3 different jogging strollers and one other double stroller. As well as the Joovy umbrella stroller which was absolute junk. What are we going to do when we have a second kid?! Oye...

  2. I'm obsessed with strollers too! We only have one, but I'm in the process of looking for an umbrella stroller. I'm glad you posted about this one...I'll have to check it out! :)

  3. I love love LOVE that jogger! I test drove (???) one of those expensive joggers, because I run a few times a week, and I honestly love the one you posted so much more. I use it for almost everything now!

  4. I love my Phil and Teds. If you need a double, this is perfect! Instead of being as wide as a tank or as long as a bus, it's slim and easy to maneuver. The extra seat can sit on top of the normal seat or under by the basket