Thursday, August 15, 2013

Must See in NYC!

I'm going to be spending a long weekend in New York City starting TOMORROW!  My husband is there for 2 weeks on business and I decided to take advantage of a free hotel and do some sight seeing!  I've never been to NYC so I made a little list of "must sees".  Next week we'll see just how many of these I will actually able to check off the list.

1. Times Square.  I don't know why, but I'm dying to see the craziness of Times Square.  I'm pretty sure it's a top tourist destination.  I can't wait to feel the energy!  My husband has called me from there a few times around 11pm and all the shops are open and people are everywhere, it's so loud!  I can't wait!

2. Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty.  The history of Ellis Island amazes me.  I've always been interested in early American immigration and it fascinates me that most of our families came through the island!  Plus, who goes to NYC without seeing Lady Liberty?!

3. Metropolitan Museum of Art.  My sister (artist and art teacher) would kill me if I didn't make a stop here!  The trick will be convincing my husband that we need to go.  Museums are NOT his thing! :)

4. Empire State Building.  Just like the Statue of Liberty, I feel like I would be a total failure if I went to NYC and didn't see this historical landmark!

5. Rockefeller.  Our hotel is practically next to this so I figured I'd check it out.  It'd be nice to see it during the holiday season with the tree and ice skating but hopefully the "off season" will be almost as impressive!

6. Central Park.  I would prefer to see Central PERK but the park will have to do.  I honestly have no idea what to expect.  I've heard Central Park is gorgeous and I've also heard it's dangerous.  We shall see!

7. 9/11 Memorial.  This is something I've been wanting to see for a while.  I know it will bring back memories and won't be a happy site to see, but it's a must for sure.

8. Broadway Show.  I've NEVER seen a Broadway show.  Not even in my hometown!  I'm not big on "shows" but I figure I should definitely do it in NY!  (Confession: I already know we won't be checking this off the list because we waited too long to buy tickets...oops!)

9. Good Food.  There are probably about a bajillion restaurants in NYC.  That means a LOT.  I tried to look up menus and reviews and I also asked for referrals.  Hopefully we'll be having some awesome food in the city.  Also, dessert is a MUST, I'm so excited for dessert!

Have you been to NYC?
What was your favorite "tourist destination"?
Any suggestions for me?!



  1. How fun!!! I hope you have a great time. :)

    Is Carson going with you?

  2. I am going to NY for Labor Day weekend to see an O's Yankees Game, and I am beyond excited.

    Right near the 9/11 Memorial (which is breath taking) is a store called Century 22. This store is amazing! An upscale Marshalls with more quantity of each item. Big brands last seasons items.

    I also love SoHo. Right near the Marc Jacobs store called Book Marc is just adorable... very Sex and the City! But it was such a nice area to walk around.

    Sorry- most tips revolve around shopping! Have a blast!