Thursday, August 8, 2013

DIY Bachelorette Bouquet

One of my best friends is getting married in October and we officially started her wedding festivities this past weekend.  We had a wonderful bridal shower and a super fun bachelorette party!

I was in charge of a few of the DIY things for the festivities (which I LOVE) and I was pretty excited about how my crafts turned out.

I'm sure some of you have seen the "Suck for a Buck" t-shirts.  They have little candies glued to them and guys pay a dollar to suck one of the candies off of the bachelorette's shirt.  We love the idea of collecting some extra cash to cover the bride's bar tab BUT we wanted something a bit less raunchy.  :)  Enter the suck for a buck bouquet!

What You Need
Foam cone (in the floral department at craft stores)
Ribbon (the wider the better!)
Suckers (I used 25 blow pops which was about 3 bags)
Hot glue gun

How to Make It
First you will want to cover your cone with ribbon.  Using your hot glue gun, you can wrap your ribbon around the cone or apply it in vertical stripes like I did.
Once your cone is covered, start sticking those suckers in the top!  I started at the center and put them as close together as possible so I could get quite a few in there.  I ended up fitting 25 all together (I used 3 bags and had 2 leftover suckers).

Next, you need a sign so that all of those crazy inebriated men at the bars know what this is all about!  I created my sign using Microsoft Word, but you can use whatever program you're comfortable with.

Next give the wonderful bouquet to your bride-to-be and head out for a night of fun and free drinks!  

Here's a picture of the bride-to-be with her beautiful bouquet!


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