Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Carson's Favorite Toys

I last posted about Carson's favorite things when he was 9 months old.  That was almost 7 months ago!  How does time get away from me?!

I wanted to share Carson's favorite toys at (almost) 16 months!

1. My First Crayola Character Crayons.  These are the "toddler grip" crayons and Carson LOVES them.  I keep them in my desk drawer and Carson loves to go over and pull them out.  Pretty soon I'll probably need to keep them somewhere safer so we don't have crayon colored walls and furniture!

2. Beach Balls.  Carson loves ANY type of ball, but for some reason he LOVES beach balls.  I'm not sure if it's because they're lightweight and big or what, but he loves them.  Cheapest toy ever!

3. Elephant Ball Popper.  I bought this from a online garage sale board a while ago for $6 and it was SO worth it!  Carson loves putting the balls in (and any other small toys that will fit) and watching them pop out.  Fair warning: it's loud!  :)

4. Wooden Puzzles.  Carson has a small collection of puzzles and he loves them!  Our favorites are the Melissa and Doug.  I like the chunky puzzles with knobs because they're easier for him to turn and manipulate the pieces.

5. First Words Books.  I know this isn't necessarily a "toy", but Carson acts like it is!  He is obsessed with going through and finding words he knows.

6. Caterpillar Gear Toy.  This is a toy we bought Carson during our trip to NYC.  He loves spinning the gears, taking them off, and putting them back on.  This toy is very open-ended and you can practice so much: counting, colors, matching, etc.

7. Ride-On Puppy .  Carson got this for his birthday back in May and still loves it just as much!  He doesn't ride on it as much as I would have guessed, but he really likes the shape sorter on the side and also loves to feed the puppy "treats".

8. Ring Stacker.  This is another toy with so many possibilities (which makes me love it)!  Carson loves stacking the rings on and we can also practice colors and sizing.

9. Megabloks.  This is another birthday gift Carson received.  He loves building towers and he also loves knocking down towers built by anyone else!  :)

10. Basketball Hoop.  This was a present from Carson's Grammy and to say he is obsessed may be putting it lightly.  Like I mentioned before, he loves balls.  He figured out the idea of the hoop pretty quickly and now he likes to put anything that will fit through the hoop.  He also loves pointing out ALL of the big kid basketball hoops in our neighborhood when we go for walks.  :)

11. Shape Sorter.  This little guy was a gift Carson got for Christmas (I think?).  In the last month or so he's become quite the pro.  He is now able to pick a shape, find the correct hole himself, and put it in!  It's amazing how quickly they learn.  This is another good toy for teaching multiple concepts.  The one thing I don't like about this toy is that there isn't really a good way to store the shapes.  I always link them together and push it inside the trunk and it works okay.

12. Water Table.  It makes me sad to think that our time with this toy is coming to an end for the season!  Carson loves to splash, pour, dump, and play in this table!  He also uses the tall part in the middle as a basketball hoop (of course)!

13. Sensory Ball.  Carson has a few of these in different sizes and he loves them.  They are light weight, easy to bounce, and very grippy which makes it easy for him to hold!  Honestly, he's not picky about balls....he even likes dog toys.  :)

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  1. We have the elephant ball popper too. When we first introduced it, my daughter was OBSESSED. She sat there and took the balls in and out, and put all other small objects into it. So cute to watch. I love all your choices!

  2. We love so many of these toys too! I think Hudson may get a kick out of the elephant ball popper...might have to add that to his Christmas wish list!

  3. I want the elephant ball popper! Christmas ideas. And, the water table next spring. So many fun things.

  4. Emily, I have a little one that loves balls too. The Elephant Ball Popper is so much of fun, but I know the little one would love the basketball hoop.