Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Carson's Current Favs

I'm linking up with Jamie again.  This week I'm going to share what CARSON is currently loving at 9 months old.

Carson is loving... his Razberry teether.  We bought this forever ago because we thought it would be easy for him to hold when he was little.  He had no interest in it for the longest time and now he's all about it!  I think he likes the bumpy texture and the fact that it's not hard like some of his other teethers.

Carson is loving... Touch & Feel books!  He just recently got into these.  He loves animals so we've been reading "Farm" and "Animals" lately.  He LOVES to play with the sheep dog's fur in the farm book!

Carson is loving... his Baby Einstein Roller Pillar balls!  These were one of his stocking stuffers for Christmas and he loves to bang them together, put them in and out of boxes, and roll them and chase after them.  The one downfall I found is that these balls do not come with any sort of case so it could be easy to misplace one.  I keep Carson's in an old wipe case and it works perfect!

Carson is loving... puffs!  When I put some of these on his high chair tray he goes NUTS and tries to grab them all.  It's adorable. :)  I buy the Plum Organics brand and Carson's favorite (so far) is the super purples!

Carson is loving... his foam bath "stickers"!  We are still bathing him in his little infant tub (no judging) so he doesn't need many toys, but he loves these!  His infant tub goes in the big tub so he can still stick these on the walls of the tub and he also likes to chew on them.  [In case you're wondering, we bathe him in the infant tub to save water!  He fits in there fine, but I am shopping around for something else to continue saving water...maybe an inflatable tub?]

 Carson is loving... his walker!  We bought this V-tech Sit to Stand Learning Walker for Christmas.  He has always liked it but has recently become obsessed!  The front activity panel comes off so that younger babies can play with it on the floor (or you can lock the walker wheels).  

Disclaimer: I was not in any way compensated for promoting these products.  However, I wouldn't mind if these companies decided to send me some free products to review.  Ha! :)



  1. What a cute post! I just found you through the WILW link up and am excited to follow you!


  2. Pierce will bathe in his baby tub until he's obviously too big. I never understood running a whole tub of water to bathe a babe!! I'm still using the sling because he's not sitting well enough & it's just too much work trying to hold him up to bathe him....and he LOVES being able to kick & splash, soaking me in the process

  3. Fun! I have been trying to figure out how to do the "style tile" type of thing you did forever! How do you do it?!

  4. We have the Munchkin Inflatable Duck bath and use that with our 10 month old. He crawls around the bathtub if we give him a bath without it and it's just too wild!

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  6. I'm glad that the touch and feel books are still in distribution - I used to have loads of fun with my babies with those books. Sadly - they're 24 and 19 now and into other interest books!