Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I'm Currently Loving

I'm linking up with Jamie again to share what I'm currently loving!

I'm loving... Pop Chips!  I'm unusual because I really don't care for regular chips.  Kettle chips are decent and I usually like sweet potato chips, but I'm not a big fan of regular potato chips (or french fries, but that's another post).  These chips were on sale at my grocery store and I picked up a small bag on a whim.  So far I've only tried the BBQ flavor but they're pretty de-lish!

I'm loving... Halls with Vitamin C!  I have a gross cold and since I'm nursing there aren't TONS of medicines I can take for relief.  These are like little candies and they make my throat feel better!  Oh, and I'm also loving my essential oils that help me breathe at night!

I'm loving... smoothies!  Any kind, really.  If I'm out and about I'll pick up something from Smoothie King or McDonald's.  If I'm home, I usually throw in some fruit, juice, and vanilla fro yo.  Yum!

I'm loving... my new chew beads!  Carson loves chewing on them when I'm holding him (or when he's in the carrier) and he also loves to play with them while nursing.  Did I mention I got that cute necklace for under $5?!

I'm loving... Carson, of course!  Can you even handle these pictures?  Nick stuck his glasses on C and told me to turn around.  I might have died.

What are you loving this week?

Want to know what I'm not loving?  Tierra.  Go home, already!  If you like her, I'm not sure if we can be friends!

She's totally Courtney version 2.0.
Best Friends Forever?



  1. Tierra need to GO. Also I love cheddar PopChips. I can only find then at a certain gas station around here (never the grocery store), but they are the best!

    Stopping by from What I'm Loving Wednesday!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  2. Stopping by from WILW...Carson is so cute! I drink smoothies like it's my the summertime! We have a Smoothie King right down the street from us. Happy Wednesday!!

  3. Stop it-how do you not like french fries?!?! I'm sooo over Tierra ugh why is Sean not realizing how crazy she is

  4. Carson is such a cutie! Love the glasses picture s:)

    I'm cracking up over the Courtney 2.0 true! Teirra is CRAZY!

  5. tierra needs to go like yesterday or two episodes ago. he was so upset in montana about drama he sent kasey home because he thought she was trying to stir up drama and yes tierra is all drama queen all the time why is he keeping her? ok now that i have that off my chest love your son with those glasses too cute!

  6. New follower! Love pop chips, too! And of course, my daughter. And NOT Tierra!

  7. I am excited to find these pop chips and try them! I also am not sure how you don't like fries.

    I am really looking forward to Tierra going home. :)

  8. I always wanted to try those pop chips! Looks like I will be picking some up the next time info to the market!
    Happy Wednesday!

  9. Visiting from the link-up...Pop chips are AMAZING. I love them!

    I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog - hope you check it out!