Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pinteresting Organization!

Today I'm linking up with Michelle to share some pins from my Organization board on Pinterest!  Check out my boards here:
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I love this "command center" idea! Maybe when I have kids in school I'll have to set something like this up.
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

This is such a great idea for jewelry organization! I like how it even creates little shelves for bracelets!

If my fridge looked like this I would be SO thrilled! I love containers.
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

I love this for a coat closet! I currently have everything in a basket on the shelf but if I did this it would free up tons of space!

I love this idea for a classroom or playroom. I would definitely attach cubes together with zip ties and then attach the entire unit to the wall for safety. Very cute and easy to coordinate with your color scheme!



  1. I seriously love being organized and I can't wait to start organzing my room/office. New follower

  2. I need that fridge organizer!! I also need a command station somewhere in my house to get organized

  3. You should think about hosting a Pinterest party! I know this has nothing to do with your Organization post haha but I went to one last night and it was SO fun!