Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Makeup I'm Loving

Before you do ANYTHING, check out my guest post over at Julie's fabulous blog for her breastfeeding series!  And while you're there, check out her adorable son, Hudson! 

Today I'm going to share some drugstore make-up that I use practically every day.  I'm one of those people that likes the natural look.  Even when I try to go dramatic, my husband still "can't tell" I'm wearing make-up.  Since I don't do dramatic looks, I don't like spending a lot on my make-up.  These are some of my favorite drugstore finds!

1. L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara.  I've been using this stuff for YEARS (obviously not the same tube) and it never gets old.  It gives my lashes volume without clumps and it's easy to wash off!  You can find this for under $6 at Target.

2. Rimmel Volume Max Bold Curves.  Even though I love my L'Oreal, I have to switch it up sometimes and this is my alternative.  It goes on a little thicker and is more of a dramatic look.  Sometimes I layer this over my Voluminous.  This is usually about $7 at CVS and Target.

3. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter.  I'm not a big lipstick person, but this stuff is amazing! It's like chapstick, lipsitck, and lip gloss all mixed into one!  My favorite shades are Peach Parfait and Pink Truffle.  Under $7 at Target!

4. Almay Intense I-Color Eyeliner.  This eyeliner goes on SO smooth and one application lasts me all day.  I like the Black Pearl shade because it has a hint of shimmer.  Under $5 at Target!

5. Nivea Kiss of Moisture Lip Balm.  Lip balm is essential even for no make-up days. If I went through my purses, diaper bag, and house I would probably find about 40 different kinds but this is one of my favs.  It's smooth (not sticky) and I don't have to reapply it very often.  You can find this anywhere, even the grocery store!

6. Milani Baked Blush.  I bought this blush in "Luminous" (also known as "Luminoso") after reading about it on another blog.  It's supposed to be a great dupe for Nars Orgasm.  The Nars blush runs about $28....definitely out of my beauty budget!  I don't wear blush every day, but when I do, I like this light pink with a slight shimmer.  It's great for pale winter skin or tanned summer skin! :)  I found it at Meijer for about $8 and CVS also carries the Milani line.  Saving $20?  Win.

8. Physicians Formula Bronzer.  In the winter, bronzer makes me feel like I have that healthy glow from the (non-existent) sun!  In the summer, this blush highlights my suntan.  It's good all year and a little goes a long way!  The shade I use is called Blushing Mocha.  This usually is about $10-11 but like I said, a little goes a long way!

I don't wear foundation, base, or powder so I don't have any recommendations for those, sorry!

**I was not in any way compensated for reviewing these products, they're just my favs.  If anyone would like to send me free samples, that's fine with me!

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  1. MUST try that mascara! :) Can't believe I haven't yet!

  2. Thanks for guest posting today Emily! I need to buy that mascara and chapstick asap!

  3. I found you via Julie's blog whom I adore:) your little boy is precious looking forward to following along

  4. Found you from Julie's blog! Love your blog and your little boy is so cute! I'll be having my first baby in july (girl!) so I'm excited about following your blog :)

    I also use and love just about all of these products!

  5. I gotta try some of this stuff!!

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  6. Saw you on Julie's blog and you definitely have a new follower!

  7. Your blog is great! I'm stopping by from the WILW blog hop. I hope you & the family are having a great day.


  8. I want to try that blush! I just heart your blog :) I'm a new GFC follower!

  9. I'm addicted to those Lip Butters! Such a fun and easy way to add a pop of color to your day:-) xoxo

  10. Stopping by from Girl in the Red Shoes, your guest post was great. Not giving up when it got rough. Am now following and can't wait to read more :) Your little guy is too cute!

  11. I love that Bronzer too, but need to try the blush! Thanks for sharing beauty finds that are affordable!