Friday, February 22, 2013

Carson Anthony: 9 Months!

Carson is officially 9 months (as of Monday!)!  This seriously all needs to slow down!  Carson has now been an "outside baby" longer than he was in my belly.  Sappy sap sap over here right now!  

Carson is literally ALL over the place now.  He's been crawling for 2 months now (hard to believe) but now he's SPEEDY.

Weight: Carson finally hit 20lbs!  His official weight at the pediatrician was 20lbs 8oz.  

Height: 28.5"...which is the same measurement we got last month.  I'm guessing we were off either last month or this month because I doubt he didn't grow at all!  The pediatrician said maybe the nurse was off a bit because C is usually in the 75-90 percentile for height and 28.5" only puts him in the 60th.  Either way, he's creeping up on his growth chart!

Hair: Carson's hair hasn't changed much in the past month besides getting longer.  It's still a medium brown color and straight.  I thought he was developing a wave for a while but it's gone now!  He's due for another haircut but I'm putting it off (again) because it's one more thing that means he's growing up!  

Eyes: I still don't know how to answer when people ask what color Carson's eyes are!  The best answer I can come up with is usually hazel, but they still are constantly changing.  It really depends on what he's wearing, what the lighting is like, and I guess the lighting around us.  It's really unique though and very similar to my eyes!

Diapers: Carson's growth has slowed down and he's still in size 4 diapers (thank goodness)!  I normally use Target diapers, but I got a box of Pampers Cruisers during a sale and we like those a lot, too!  

Clothes: Carson is still in his 12 month clothes.  His shirts are fitting pretty much perfect.  His sleepers aren't tight yet, but the sleeves are sometimes a bit short.  (Maybe he will have monkey arms like Momma!)  I've started to pick up a few 18 month pieces here and there when I see a good deal, but I'm honestly not sure when he'll move up sizes!  

Eating: Carson is nursing about 4 times a day now (sometimes 5) and we're trying to bump him up to 3 meals of solids.  Since he nurses first thing in the morning, it's hard to fit in breakfast and playtime before he's ready for his nap!  So far I offer a small meal (usually a fruit, pancake, or puffs) and sometimes he isn't even hungry!  He does love his oatmeal for lunch and fruit/veggies for dinner!  We now offer finger foods at every solid meal and he loves it!  Some of the new foods he has tried include blueberries, shredded cheese, and pancakes!  

Sleeping: Carson is still doing a great job with sleep.  When I say "great", don't be jealous!  It's not like I set him in his crib awake and he puts himself to sleep.  Sometimes he naps less than 30 minutes in an entire day (help me!) and sometimes he takes super long naps.  It's hard to predict with this kid!  His current schedule looks a little like this: wake up at 8, nap at 10, nap at 3, bedtime at 9.  This is all "loose" and depends on when he wakes up for the day and how long he naps.  I always turn on his lullaby CD and rock him for a few minutes before putting him down in his crib.  Sometimes I put him down asleep, sometimes just drowsy.  He doesn't seem to need his paci anymore but I usually leave it in his crib and sometimes he'll grab it in the middle of the night or the morning.  Did I mention he sleeps on his tummy with his bum in the air?  Possibly the cutest way ever to sleep!

Nicknames: This doesn't change much from month to month but the nicknames I use the most are C, Cars, and Snickerdoodle.  I've also been calling him "Bubby" a lot.  I call him Sugar, but Nick said that's too girly, ha!  Oops :)

Here's Carson on a few playdates:

Favorite Toys: Carson is still loving a lot of the same toys from last month!  You can also check out some of Carson's current favs from my post earlier this week.  We did get out an elephant shape sorter that we received a while ago as a gift and he really likes it!  He also has fell back in love with his o-ball!  He loves pushing it across the floor and chasing after it (so cute)!  He also likes that it's easy to carry around while he crawls.  His musical instruments are becoming more popular around here, too!  We even got out my old keyboard from the 90's (so vintage!) and he LOVES it!  He'll turn on the demo song (Venus) and's adorable!  His walker is also still super popular and he walks ALL AROUND the house with it!  He loves taking his walker from room to room and exploring! 
Carson loves anything that rolls.  He pushes his o-ball and this little basketball around our kitchen and chases after it.  It seriously keeps him entertained forever (which equals about 5 minutes in baby time).  

Milestones: I'm not joking when I say this kid is ALL over the place!  I never would have guessed he would be so mobile by 9 months!  Like I said, he uses his walker to walk all around the house (and he goes pretty fast, too)!  He also has become quite the speedy crawler!  He does this crab walk thing now where he "crawls" with his knees off the ground and walks with his feet.  It's super cute and super fast, ha!  As soon as he reaches something when crawling, he stands up!  He hasn't stood up in the middle of the room yet (thank goodness) but he has stood without support (only for a few brief seconds) a few times!  He'll let go and not realize that he's not supported.  Once he realizes, it's so cute because he has a look of panic and then just sits down, ha!    He is still cruising along anything and everything.  Did I mention he climbs stairs?  He started doing this just after he turned 8 months!  He can climb our entire staircase (14 stairs) plus 2 more after the landing!  He's crazy.

Also, Carson now has TWO TEETH!  Last month he only had one but he now has both of his bottom teeth.  I think I'll definitely cry when he gets his top teeth - that makes babies look like unbabies. :( :(

Carson's speech is also continuing to develop.  I still don't know how I'll ever decide when he's officially said his first word because he does a TON of babbling!  

We're still working on waving, clapping, and kissing.  He will give me a kiss (open mouth and slobbery!) if I ask, but not on a consistent basis.  He also knows how to wave now, but still not consistently.  As far as clapping, it's a no go!  He loves to watch me clap, but he can't quite figure it out.  He does this thing where he clasps his hands together and brings them up and down when I ask him to clap.  Here it is on video: 



  1. So adorable!! I'm excited for Paxton to reach more milestones, but I don't know if I'm ready for him to be THAT mobile yet. I still enjoy the peace of mind that if I put him down somewhere and turn my back for a minute, he'll still be in the exact same spot!

  2. Oh my goodness! 9 months! I can't even imagine that. Well Noah is almost 6 months and I couldn't even imagine this! Your little one is already standing and playing with push toys! So cute! I feel like Noah isn't reading his milestones as fast as he should but I'm taking them as they come and enjoying them and him while he is little because he won't be forever.

  3. I loved this post! I have a 10 month old so it's fun to see what other kids around his age are doing! He does put himself to sleep though ;). He's so sweet.

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  4. What a little angel! I don't have any kids yet...but when I do, I hope I look as great as you did pregnant!

  5. So cute!! He's getting so big! PS- you were such a cute preggo

  6. What a cutie pie he is!! Isn't it a whole new world when they become mobile?!