Monday, January 28, 2013

Carson Anthony: 8 Months! (and a blogger milestone)

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Carson is 8 months (well..turned 8 months on the 18th) and I'm in denial!  4 months until he is a YEAR?!  That's crazy.  Every day I'm more and more amazed with how fast Carson is growing and how much he is learning!  

Too cool for school.  This kid loves Target as much as his Mommy! :)

Weight: Hovering right around 20lbs.  We weighed him at home and he was 20lbs 6oz but then when I took him to the doctor (for his first little cold), he was 19lbs15oz!  

Height: 28.5"

Hair: Carson's hair is getting thicker and thicker!  He got his 2nd haircut last month and did SUCH a good job.  He even got to sit in the big boy "chair". 


Before & After!

Eyes: Carson's eyes still change color, I love it!  They're normally a golden honey color but sometimes look green and sometimes a deep gray!  Here's an example and while you're at it, check out those LIPS!  I die.

Diapers: Carson has moved up to size 4's...where is my baby?!

Clothes: Carson has moved up once again!  He's now wearing 12 month clothes and they pretty much fit him perfectly.  Moving up in sizes is so bittersweet.  Packing up the too-small tiny clothes is way too sad, but having an entirely new wardrobe for my little man really helps to make up for it.  Don't even get me started about the newborn sleeper I found in his closet.  TEENY TINY.  I miss it.

Eating: Carson nurses about 4-5 times a day and gets 2 solid meals.  We've started incorporating some easy "finger foods" with his meals now.  So far, our finger foods consist of things like puffs, bananas, grapes, yogurt melts, "wagon wheels", etc.  He still loves to eat his Baby Mum Mums, too!  Also, big step in our house...Carson tried CHICKEN!  I've been terrified to give him meat just because the thought of pureeing it grosses me out and I don't even like to prep the meat for the adults here!  I shredded some chicken breasts for our dinner one night and decided to share with Carson.  He LOVED it! 

Sleeping: We're pretty lucky and Carson has been a great sleeper, even through getting his first tooth (!).  He sometimes is hard to get down at night but he really does well with his bedtime routine every night (lullaby CD and rocking/cuddles for a few minutes).  My husband claims he doesn't always need that cuddle time in the glider but I'm in denial and I'll rock him until he fights me on it!  Naps are good and bad.  He typically takes 2 naps.  His morning nap is usually longer and the afternoon nap is almost always 30-45 minutes (sometimes shorter).  If he skips a nap it really throws his whole day off!  Now that he's in his big boy carseat it's harder to run around town during his naptime.  I really miss being able to bring the infant seat inside and let him finish his nap!  I've actually become that Mom that parks somewhere and let's him finish napping before heading home.  Thank goodness for the Nook app on my phone!  

Nicknames: Cars, C, buddy, Snickers, Snickerdoodle, Stinker, Sir, Little Man, Sugar <--- same as last month PLUS Sugarpie and Boogie.  Mostly Snickerdoodle and Cars probably.

Favorite Toys: Carson's favorite thing to do is STAND so any toy he can use while standing is great.  He loves his Vtech activity cube that he got for Christmas from one of his grandpas.  He also loves his walker and is getting a little too good about walking with it!  I used a gift card to pick up some squishy blocks which he loves!   

Milestones: I honestly cant't believe how fast this kid is growing and developing!  Make. It. Stop!  At 8 months he has already been crawling for a month!  He is getting SUPER fast at crawling and is practicing climbing up and over obstacles that get in his way!  He pulls up to stand on ANYTHING.  Last month he was pulling up to stand on toys and things with places to grab.  Now he can literally pull himself to stand on a wall.  Slow down!!  He also cruises around the room grabbing onto whatever furniture is close.  He has also started letting go when standing.  I'm not sure if he is doing this on purpose or just getting too distracted by his toys.  Either way, it's giving me a heart attack every time!  We're also practicing waving and he hasn't mastered it yet, but definitely understands the concept!  Big news: Carson has his first tooth!  It's still not all the way through but it's about 1/2-way and definitely sharp, ha!  He crawls everywhere and gets himself stuck in places sometimes:

Carson's speech is also continuing to develop.  It's so hard to decide whether or not he has said his "first word".  He'll babble "da-da-da-da" all day, but any time Nick walks in the room, Carson lights up and says "Da!".  He loves talking (and screaming) all day and says a lot of his consonant sounds: B's, D's, G's (not very often), H's (he has this hilarious laugh that's so non-chalent!), and M's.  He says "ommm" whenever he is crawling to me and it's so adorable.  I'm hoping he's trying for Momma but either way, the only time he says it is when he's coming for me so it makes my heart melt!  

Carson has always been a water baby (except for his first bath the night we got home from the hospital, poor guy peed all over himself)!  He still LOVES baths and also started swimming lessons.  He had SO much fun!  Some of these pictures were taken when poor C was trying to get that first tooth to pop through so he wasn't the happiest camper.



  1. So adorable! I'm really excited to do swimming lessons when the time comes for my little guy. I love reading your updates and seeing what I have to look forward to :)

  2. He is so adorable and looks like the happiest baby!