Friday, January 25, 2013

Nails of the Week & 10 Years!

I'm linking up again to share my nails for The Nail Files.  This link up really motivates me to give myself a quick little manicure each week!

This week I used Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear line in "Gray Area".  I love Sally Hansen polish and the Xtreme Wear line offers a lot of fun colors!  This one is a purplish gray and I love it for winter!  I did an accent nail again (so creative, I know) using Nicole by OPI in "Make Me Smile".  I really like OPI but I was disappointed in this glitter polish.  I might be too OCD but I couldn't get enough of the big sparkles to come out and when they did they moved off my nail with the brush strokes!  Any tips on that?  Maybe I should stick to finely crushed glitter from now on!

Sorry for the dark photos....painted my nails after putting Carson to bed again!

I also wanted to quickly mention that today is the 10 year anniversary of when Nick and I officially became a couple.  So basically.....we're old!  Luckily he'll always be older!  :)  We started hanging out (pretty much every day) in the fall of 2002, but we didn't make our relationship official until January 25th, 2003!  He will tell you he asked me to be his girlfriend on December 31, 2002.  Honestly though, that's New Year's Eve.  I forgot.  Maybe that's why it took him 25 days to ask again but I'm SO thankful he did!

Happy Anniversary, HBO!

Do you like Nick's new facial hair?



  1. Haha!! Funny picture! As to the larger glitter bits, I put some big drops on something plastic and kind of pick them out with the corner of the brush when they're being difficult. Hope that helps! Love the purple!

  2. Awww happy 10 years! We will celebrating the big 10 years on Feb 14th!

  3. That is a great color! Happy 10 Years!

  4. Hi Emily,
    Found you through The Nail Files link up. Sorry to hear that the OPI was hard to work with but it looks great!

    Happy Friday :)

    Kali Now Living

  5. grey area is one of my all time favorites! so pretty!

  6. Grey area is one of my is a go to polish when I can't decide what color I want...because it always makes me happy :).