Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I'm loving Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers!  I just recently discovered these because they were on sale and they are the perfect easy lunch!  So far I've only tried a few, but they have tons of flavors!  The other day I had the General Tso's Chicken and it only had 300 calories and 3g of fat!  Healthy, delicious, easy!

I'm loving the blog Six Sisters' Stuff.  Seriously, 3 of our meals this week are coming straight from that site! 

I'm loving the book I've been reading, Gone Girl.  I'm reading it with some girlfriends in our book club and it feels good to be reading again!  

I'm loving my Nook and the Nook app!  I read when feeding Carson, when rocking him to sleep, when I'm waiting for him to wake up after running errands (I miss the infant carseat)!  It's great to be able to read a little here and there since I don't have big chunks of time to sit down and read!

I'm loving my Baby Bjorn carrier.  This thing has been a life saver now that Carson is mobile!  We have a baby gate for his playroom upstairs, but when I'm trying to prep dinner or do some cleaning downstairs, this thing is GREAT!  [I'm also loving how cheap I got it!]

I'm loving staying home with Carson.  We've been able to do so many fun things together!  I'm thankful that I get to do things like take him to the library every week for story time.  I think working for those 6 weeks really helped me to appreciate staying at home!  

I'm loving my adorable son.  Obviously!

I'm linking up with Jamie today!  What are you loving?


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  1. You are speaking my language with your recipes! I LOVE the Six Sister's Stuff!