Friday, January 4, 2013

Florida Vacation!

Before our vacation re-cap, let me give you all an idea of what our weather is like here in Ohio right now...

Let's just say I miss Florida a LOT!

Here's a picture review of our trip!

Our first walk out to the beach:

A little unsure at first....

Check out those legs and cankles. SQUISH! <3

He loved watching the birdies...this one found a starfish!

Oh, hi.  Time to lower the bassinet in this pack'n'play!

Sunset family walk on the beach...favorite.

Sanibel Island.

I just love his little hats!

Playing in the sand!


Hanging out in his sun tent, he loved taking naps in there!

First time in the big kid pool!  (We went to the kiddie pool over the summer and dipped his feet.)

We had beautiful weather!

"I need some sunglasses, Mom!"

Having fun splashing!

Staying hydrated on the beach.

Getting ready for his swimming lessons!

Bye bye, Florida...see you next time!

Here's a little video of Carson's first beach experience.  So much to touch and feel!



  1. Kind of extremely jealous. I was also jealous of your instagram photos at the time. We are headed to Florida but not until April.

    Looks like the little dude loved the beach!!

  2. I miss the beach so much too! Granted I live in Atlanta...not much snow here but I definitely miss the beach!! What a cute little muffin you have!

  3. I mean come on with those chubby things, way too freaking cute! Looks amazing momma!

  4. What a cutie pie you have!!! Such a fun trip!!!

  5. Looks like so much fun had by all! What a cute little man you have!