Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Healthy Snack

I'm a snacker.  I've always liked eating frequent smaller meals rather than 3 large meals.  I hate the overly full feeling and I seem to get hungry before the next meal no matter how full I was right after eating!  I try to eat somewhat healthy snacks so when I saw a cute idea on Pinterest I had to try it out!  This was pinned as "breakfast sushi" but I made it for an after dinner snack.

What You Need
Peanut Butter
Rice Krispies cereal

How to Make:
Peel your banana and slather it with peanut butter.  I'm not as cool as Katie and I still use regular peanut butter, not that powdered PB2 stuff.  Maybe someday I'll convert but I'm still a little nervous...
Spreading peanut butter on a banana is a lot trickier than you'd expect.  Bananas are flipping slippery!  
Once you get your banana covered in peanut butter, roll it in rice krispies!  Once again, a lot easier said than done.  I ended up pouring the cereal on my banana and kind of spreading it on.  

I know mine look nothing like the Pinterest version but I wasn't in this for the presentation!  They were pretty messy so I ate them with a fork.  I'm classy like that!  Please ignore the fact that my thumb looks super long, it must be an illusion.

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