Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012 in Pictures

I know I'm a little behind in my Christmas post, but it's better late than never, right?!  This year was Carson's first Christmas and he had so much fun!  I felt like he was the perfect age for his first Christmas.  He helped unwrap gifts, he got excited about gifts, and he was able to explore everything around him!  If you missed my post on my Christmas decor, check it out here.  Check out our adorable Christmas card here!

Here's a video of Carson opening his first present on Christmas Eve.  Obviously that wrapping paper is delicious!  

Here he is on Christmas morning opening his card and his stocking.  [Those are the Christmas jams he got on Christmas Eve!]

Here's a video of Carson opening his first gift on Christmas morning!  He actually really loves Scout and it's pretty adorable! :)

He was so excited about his walker he couldn't even wait for Daddy to finish putting it together!

We thought this crawl ball would be a HUGE hit.  So far, Carson is only semi-interested.  Maybe it will grow on him?  The good news is it was only $10. :)

Christmas morning!

Here we are later in the day.  You can also see my mother's necklace I got from Nick (love it)!  Baby boys in plaid might be the cutest thing ever.

Plaid + sweater vest = cuteness overload.

Here's Carson in another pair of Christmas jams at Grandpa's house!

Carson got a personalized gift box!!


Just standing up like a big boy, no big deal.


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  1. ha! we totally got our little guy that same vtech ball and he hated it at first! he like is okay now, but still not his favorite toy.