Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nobody Likes a Copycat

Some of you probably saw Steph's Christmas card book in her post last week.  I've seen several of these on Pinterest for different occassions and I've yet to make one.  Stephanie made it look so easy on her blog so I knew I had to try!  Here is an example of one from Pinterest:

First you need to gather your materials.  I copied Stephanie and used 2 pieces of cardboard for the front and back cover.  I love that I didn't need to buy anything for this project!  (Except a $0.99 hole punch because mine was at school.)  I stole borrowed my 'Merry Everything' image from Google images and added a '2012' in the lower right hand corner.  I also copied Stephanie and painted my back cover white and then covered both pieces of cardboard in mod podge.

Next, punch holes in the front and back cover using your hole punch.  In order to make sure my cards lined up, I used the front cover as a template and marked where I wanted to punch holes on each card.  This part was probably the most time consuming but only took about 5 minutes.  Easy peasy!

Finally, bind everything together!  You can use whatever you want to do this.  Stephanie used twine and I've also seen ribbon.  I didn't have twine so I went with binder rings (plus I can easily add cards that way if needed).  Originally I was going to use some yarn I had but I realized that threading it through each and every card was going to be too tedious for me!  Here's my finished product.  I think it will be fun to get it out again next year! :)

I'm linking up with Stephanie (obviously) and Katie today!


  1. This turned out SO good!!! I love the "Merry Everything" image!!

    Thanks for linking up with us sweet girl!! (& for all the shoutouts!)


  2. I think it looks great! I so wish I'd sent out more Christmas cards (so I'd have RECEIVED more cards) and could make one of these this year! haha :P

  3. I am SO going to do this! I was just dreading throwing them all away soon, but my kids LOVE to look through them. What a great idea! I will link back when I do it. :)