Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Te Amo

I'm linking up with Jamie again for her 'What I'm Loving Wednesday' post!

I'm loving Archer Farms organic fruit strips from Target!  I feel like a kid all over again, but much healthier than the fruit roll-ups and fruit by the foot I used to eat!  These are easy to toss in the diaper bag for a fruit snack on the go! 

I'm loving Carson's new sherpa bear ear hoodie from Baby Gap.  Seriously, I will dress this kid in hoodies with bear ears for as long as possible!

I'm loving the fact that I decided to decorate for Valentine's Day this year!  It's so cheerful and I love all of the pink and red!  I'll do a post on all of my decor soon!  (I don't have too too much, Nick said I need to fit all of my "silly" holiday decor in one bin.  Challenge accepted!)

I'm loving our shopping cart cover.  Now that Carson is in his big boy convertible carseat, I can't just stick the infant carrier in the cart!  This cart cover keeps Carson away from all the germs on the shopping cart PLUS it's padded PLUS it's a taggie!  He loves playing with any tags plus we can attach the toys that he tries to toss out of the cart every 2 seconds.  :)

It also works for highchairs!

And finally, I'm loving  the little bar stool I decided to use as an end table for Carson's nursery!  I've been looking for a skinny table (so the recliner can still recline) forEVER.  I had to admit it, but I used a stack of diaper boxes for a while.  I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner, I love it!


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