Monday, December 30, 2013

A Look Back at December

Earlier this month I posted about our holiday bucket list.  I printed this out and hung it on our fridge and it was a fun reminder of things we could do over the month!   Let's see how we did on our Family Holiday Bucket List for the "12 Days of Christmas".  In case you forgot, here is a copy of the bucket list I made:

I'm happy to say we did ALL of this!  Here are some highlights:

1. We made holiday ornaments:

2. We went to the zoo lights!

3. We watched holiday movies!  Carson wasn't super into this activity (at all), but I turned some on during play time anyway.  I also watched one with the hubster.  Here is some of what we watched:

4. We sent out a ton of holiday cards and got a ton back, too!  Here's our card from this year:

5. I used one of my favorite recipes for peanut butter fudge to take to a cookie exchange!  Unfortunately my fudge didn't turn out right this time.  I think I boiled it too long in the beginning.  It's the thought that counts though, right?  :)

6. We decorated our tree very plain this year.  Lights and probably only 20-30 ornaments!  All of our ornaments are homemade or have some sentimental reason behind them except for some snowflake ornaments from Target.  My goal this year was no hooks since Carson was really into exploring the tree and ornaments!

7. We were able to get out and play in the snow a few times!  I'm not a huge fan of the cold but it's so much fun to see Carson exploring something new.  I think he prefers the beach like his Momma! :)

8. We read TONS of Christmas stories!  I keep a stash of "holiday/seasonal" books in Carson's room that I get out at different times throughout the year.  (Can you tell I'm a teacher at heart?!)  I was so excited to get out his stash of Christmas/winter books this year and we also got some from the library!  Here are some of his favorites (click on the picture to find where to purchase):

9. I definitely baked a lot of cookies this month!  I made hot cocoa cookies, M&M bars, and peanut butter meltaways. I also made peanut butter fudge and candy buckeyes!  (Click links for recipes!)  The recipes for the two pictured below are coming SOON!

10. We visited Santa and Carson just loved it (insert sarcasm font).

11. We "built" a fire by flipping the switch on our gas fireplace.  I know some people think that's lame but I LOVE it.  It's so convenient and I can turn it on/off whenever I need to!  We never need to worry about having wood and we don't have to worry about letting the fire burn out (I remember that from when I was little).

12. Obviously I wrapped our gifts!  I didn't do the best job this year because I usually wrapped during Carson's nap time so I was a bit rushed.  Next year I want to use some cute paper and add more ribbons and bows!


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