Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bumpdate: 20 Weeks!

Ooooohhh you're halfway there!  (Have fun getting that song out of your head for the rest of the day!)  I honestly can't believe I'm at the halfway point in this pregnancy.  Everyone says it goes so much faster when you already have a little one running around and they are SO right!  This pregnancy is flying by and I'm doing my best to try to remember this special time.

20 Weeks!
Baby is currently the size of a BANANA!

Next Appointment: December 23rd....even though it's just a doppler appointment, I can't wait to hear that precious little heart beat again!  

Gender: Adding another BOY to our family!  Check out our reveal photo.  

Total Weight Gain: I was +7 as of 11/25.  I'm a little concerned about Thanksgiving, followed by a week of vacation eating, and then Christmas baking coming up....eek!

Maternity Clothes: I think it's time to officially retire my pre-pregnancy jeans.  I wore them on the plane on the way to Florida (12/1) and on 12/7 when we flew back I could still wear them but they were VERY uncomfortable.  I can get them buttoned but it isn't pretty!  They work great with a bella band though!  Luckily my friend had one I could borrow for the trip home.  :)  I also wore maternity tanks in Florida because they're so long and comfy!  Regular tanks still work but the maternity tanks just seem so much softer!

Sleep: Sleep is pretty good right now.  I'm not overly tired anymore and I feel refreshed after a good night's sleep.  Carson even woke up at 5:15am one day on vacation and I felt energized throughout the day!  I'm trying to take advantage of this second trimester energy burst!

Movement: Baby2 moved SO much while we were in Florida!  He must love the warmth.  With Carson he was usually most active in the evenings but Baby2 is active all day long.  I could be in for trouble!  ;)

Food Cravings/Aversions: Still craving smoothies!  Who wants to bring me one?!  In Florida we had these amazing cupcakes and I'm kind of craving one of those again.  They were red velvet.  YUM!  I also bought some cheesy puffs before we left for Florida because of a random craving.  I ate quite a few but now they don't sound that great anymore.

Best Moment This Week: Feeling Baby2 move so much more!  Every little kick, flutter, roll, punch gives me the happiest feeling in my heart!

What I Miss: Our flight home was delayed 6 times on the way back from Florida.  That has to be some sort of record!  On that day I most definitely missed WINE!  

What I'm Looking Forward To: I'm trying to teach Carson to say "baby".  He knows where his baby brother is and gives him hugs and kisses but I think it will be so much fun when he can call the baby something!

Extra Notes From the Week: I didn't take my blood pressure cuff to Florida and probably should have.  It was slightly elevated before leaving and when I got back but nothing crazy.  So far Tylenol is still helping with my headaches for the most part.  My bump also seemed to pop out quite a bit this exciting!

Since I was out of town last week, here are my bump pics for week 19 & 20.  Week 20 was at our Florida condo!


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