Monday, December 2, 2013

November/December Goals

Here's a look at how I did with my November goals:

1. Read 1.5 books.  Success plus some more!  I completed The Husband's Secret which was really good!  I had never heard of this book until some of the girls in my mommy group recommended it.  It wasn't something I'd typically pick but it was actually really interesting!  There is great character development even though there are a lot of characters to get to know in the beginning!  I also completed Burned.  I chose this book because it was only a dollar or two on my Nook and had really good ratings.  It was an interesting read since it's all written in poetry.  I really liked the story and the poetry made it a quick read.  I started another book which I will [hopefully] finish in December!

2. Start pinning ideas for Carson's big boy room.  FAIL!  I want to get excited about this but it's hard since I don't know if I'll be doing a big boy room for Carson at our current house or a new house.  Since our house is on the market all planning is really kind of up in the air.  Bummer but that's reality!

3. Go on a date with my hubby!  Fail. :(  We thought about going on a date quite a few times but never actually made it happen.  We did go out with some friends to a basketball game but I can't consider that a date because the boys sat in one section and the girls sat in a total different section!  

4. Save more money with coupons.  Success!  I organized all of my coupons and started clipping again!  I make my list according to weekly specials and coupons and I saved a ton last month!  I'm nowhere near an extreme couponer but I'm pretty proud of myself anyway!  I also have been using the Target Cartwheel app and I've saved over $40 with that!  

5. Visit somewhere new with Carson.  Super Success!  The weather got pretty chilly but we still squeezed in one new park last month.  Carson loved it and since it was a bit chilly we were the only ones there!  We also went to a special event at a library other than our "normal" library for Halloween.  Carson had a ton of fun and I'm glad the activities were geared for all ages so he could participate.  We also went to another new (to us) library for a story time!  It was fun but I prefer some of the other libraries we've visited because this one had a TINY story space so there was no room for Carson to move around at all!  We also went to a mall that was recently updated and added an indoor playground.  Carson had a lot of fun exploring and getting some of his energy out!

Now onto new goals!

December Goals

1. Read 2 books.  If I am successful with this goal it will put me at 17 books for 2013.  My goal was 25 and obviously I'm nowhere near that but 17 isn't awful!

2. Finalize a name for Baby2.  I can't say this enough - naming a child is SO HARD!  We had a hard time with Carson but with a second child, there are so many other things to consider!  The number one "issue" for us is how names sound with Carson.  You know, the "sibset".  I know it doesn't really matter, but I know I'll be saying "Carson and ____" a lot so I want it to sound nice together!  We also had some "C" names on our list but then we wonder if people think we're going to try to be that family with all "C" kids.  This baby WILL be named before 2013 is over!

3. Go on a date with my hubby!  Even though December is a super crazy month for us with a vacation and all of the holiday hoopla, I really want to try to squeeze a date in!  Maybe we could do a day date with some Christmas shopping and a matinee movie.  (We may be 80 years old...)

4. Finish my Christmas shopping before December 20.  I'm usually pretty good with getting my shopping done early but this year December snuck up on me!  I'm pretty much done with Carson (he's way too fun to buy for), but I still have a LOT of other people to buy for.  I'm hoping to have it done by the 20th so I can have some time to wrap and organize since we have to tote presents to 598793284 different places around town.  :)  We're on vacation one week during that time so that gives me about 2 weeks to get my shopping done.  I think I can do that!  

5. Create and Execute a Holiday Bucket List.  I've seen these all over Pinterest and I just think they are SO cute!  I want to make one with fun family activities and try to check off all of the items!

What are your December goals?


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