Thursday, November 14, 2013

Home. {a tour}

Days after moving in back in 2005!  
Our house is on the market.  Listed officially.  For sale!  Our home.  Our first home together.  We've been here for 8.5 years and we BUILT this home together.  Literally!  Ok, not literally, a construction crew built it, but we chose everything!  I love our home and we've made it our own.  I'm obsessed with my paint colors and I know every square inch of this house.  This is where we brought our puppies home.  This is where I brought my first baby home!  This is the home we lived in when we got engaged and when we got married!  Are you sensing a trend?  I'm a little sad to leave.

Moving is so bittersweet!  I'm sad to leave our first home.  SO sad.  We're moving to be closer to my husband's work which makes me happy for him.  It also makes me happy about the opportunity of him coming home for lunch and possibly him coming home earlier in the evenings!  Even though I'm sad about leaving our first home, I'm excited for new beginnings.  I'm excited create a space for our family of 4 (+2 adorable furballs)!  I'm so excited to make another house our home!

Reminisce with me for a are some [MLS] pictures of our first home.  I will miss it so much!

Formal Dining/Living Room



Great Room

Great Room again...I love our fireplace!
Powder Room

Guest Bathroom


Guest Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Loft (Playroom/Office)

As much as I love this home, there are many things I would love to change....
-I would love to have white woodwork.
-I would love to have upgraded countertops.
-I would love to have hardwood floor (or even laminate!)
-I would love to have a finished basement for the kids.
-I would love to have a flat backyard with space for boys to be boys.
-I would love to have wonderful neighbors that can turn into wonderful friends.

I'm hoping our next home will be just as wonderful as our first, even better!  When I get sad, I just try to think of a line from one of my favorite songs.  [I may or may not be listening to the song on repeat while writing this post.]  You make your house your home and I'm excited to create a new home with my growing family!



  1. It is hard to leave your first home with so many firsts but it's fun to start over somewhere new. Are you going to build?

  2. Awe this post made me sad for you. But excited that you'll probably be a lot closer to me when you move!! I feel like I felt the same way when I moved... out of my APARTMENT!!