Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hand Print Turkey (a new variation!)

Last November I made a hand print turkey with Carson.  I loved the way it turned out but I knew it was going to be VERY hard to accomplish this year with an 18 month old toddler!  Anytime I paint his hands for a craft, he immediately makes a fist so he can squish the paint and feel the textures in his hand.  

Such a tiny little hand print! <3
This is the alternative hand print turkey we did this year.  I think it's just as cute and Carson had a lot of fun making it with me.  It was also a great opportunity to practice his colors!

What You Need:
Washable paint (I used 5 colors)
Paintbrush or foam brush
White paper for base (I used cardstock)
Colored paper (brown, orange, red)
Googly eyes (or a black marker)

How to Make:

  1. I sketched a turkey body on my brown cardstock and cut it out first.  I lightly traced this body onto my white cardstock so I would know where to put Carson's hand prints.
  2. Using one color at a time (obviously!) paint your child's hand and create a print.  I went left to right with the prints because I wasn't sure if I would need 5 or 6.  
  3. In between hand prints, thoroughly wipe your child's hand and clean your paint brush.  You can see where my colors got a bit mixed but I'm okay with that.
  4. Once your hand prints are done, let the paper dry.
  5. Finally, glue on your embellishments!  I glued my turkey body on first and then I added legs, beak, gobbler (is that what that flappy red thing is called?!), and eyes.  

Note: If you're interested in trying the hand print turkey I did with Carson last year, find the complete instructions here!

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  1. Adorable! Once a teacher, always a teacher ;)

  2. You do the cutest dang stuff! I really need to start getting crafty with Kenley, these little treasures are priceless.

  3. Super cute! I love the handprint pictures! We did a thankful tree this year.

  4. Super cute! I love the handprint pictures! We did a thankful tree this year.