Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Thanksgiving Craft!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Today I'm thankful for my wonderful family!  We're going to host Thanksgiving at our house with Carson's two grandmas and his Aunt Shannon.  Tomorrow we're going out to dinner with our family and my sister will be our server.  Saturday we'll be watching the BIG Ohio State-Michigan game and then going to my Dad's house for a family soup dinner!  

Here's a craft for your little turkeys...........

What You'll Need
Craft or Acrylic Paint (brown, reds, oranges)
Paintbrush (I used a foam brush and the small Crayola brush that came with my craft paints)
Black pen/marker
Optional: Frame
  1. Get your child to sit still (HA!) and get your paper ready.
  2. Paint your child's palm and thumb brown.  Let this dry and give your poor kid a break!
  3. Paint your child's fingers the colors you want for the turkey's feathers.  I used reds and oranges.  Let this dry and give your child a prize for being so good.  Poor Carson had to do this quiet a few times because I'm a perfectionist we kept messing up!
  4. Once the turkey dries, add details (legs, feet, eye, gobbler, date, etc.)  
  5. After your painting is finished, decide how you want to display it.  I decided to mount mine on different papers and frame it in a cheapie frame. 
Here is the finished product:


Proudly displayed on our mantel!
And here's Carson showing just how excited he was that his hand was featured on the blog.  (He's totally unimpressed, ha!)

Here are some of the pins from Pinterest:  


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