Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Organization Station

It's Wednesday so I'm linking up with Michelle again with my latest and greatest pins!


This week I decided to pin from my organization board.  Even though my house isn't perfect, I really love organizing things!  It makes me happy when everything has a home.  If only my husband could feel the same way!! :)

I already keep my medicine in a container drawer thing but mine is a single drawer so everything is mixed together.  I like the idea of separating it all...especially now that we have children's medicine, too!

I love the organization on the backs of these cabinet doors!  I'm always looking for a way to hide clutter and utilize any extra space and I love this!  I might have to make something like this in my kitchen soon!

I've seen plastic pencil organizers in the dollar spot at Target so this idea might come to life real soon if they have those little baskets still!  I think they were even 2 or 3 for $1!

Currently I have one of those 3-drawer plastic organizers in between my washer and dryer.  I like it b/c it holds extra laundry supplies and paper products for the kitchen.  This is a similar idea but looks so much nicer than mine!
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Here is one that I actually did after pinning it!  (Please note: this is the original pin, not mine!)  I did this on the back of my basement door (which is right by our kitchen) so the cleaning supplies would be hidden away but easy to access!



  1. Oh my. I love all of these. I'm definitely going to do the pill bottle organizer!

  2. i love organization!!! :)

    happy wednesday! xo, sarah grace

  3. someday my house will be organized, someday. Not someday soon, but someday :) (Following you now)