Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Carson Anthony: 6 Months!

I can't believe Carson is a half year old.  Crazy.  I used to HATE when people say things like "They grow SO fast" and "Don't blink or they'll be a year".  It's so true, though.  It makes me sad.  I LOVE watching him grow and develop BUT I miss having a teeny tiny newborn, too!

Here is Carson at his first doctor's visit (4 days old):

 Here he is at his 6 month appointment on Monday (6 months, 1 day):

Here's Carson at a glance at 6 months!

Weight: 18lbs 4.8oz!

Height: 27.5"

Hair: Carson's hair is light brown (much lighter than that dark brown hair he was born with)!  We got it cut last month a few days after his 5 month birthday.  You can see his big boy hair coming in like peach fuzz but he still has a ton of his baby hair, too!

Eyes: Carson's eyes change all the time (just like Mommy)!  They're cool and very pretty.  I would say they're closest to a hazel, but sometimes they look like a dark denim blue and sometimes they look light brown with a greenish blue center.

Diapers: Size 3.

Clothes: Carson is wearing 6-9 month clothes (9 months in Carter's).  I've finally given up on trying to squeeze him into his 6 month onesies.

Eating: Carson is such a great eater!  He's still nursing about 5-6 times a day.  We have introduced a variety of solids, too!  We started with cereals (rice and oatmeal) at about 4.5 months.  After C turned 5 months, we introduced purees.  This is the order we introduced: sweet potatoes, bananas, green beans, butternut squash, and apples.  He currently has oatmeal for lunch and a fruit or veggie for dinner.  I would say his favs are squash and bananas.  He's NOT a fan of green beans at all!

Sleeping: We're very lucky.  Carson has been sleeping through the night for a while now!!  Occasionally he'll wake up once in the middle of the night, but he's usually easily soothed and goes right back to sleep.  [We're very thankful!]  He sleeps in his crib or the pack'n'play.  He sometimes fights sleep when we try to put him down, but he's been getting better.  We have a routine we try to do each night to keep it consistent for him: heartbeat sound on his projection mobile, lullaby CD, rock in the glider with Mom or Dad.  This usually gets him pretty sleepy and we can put him to bed fairly easily (most nights).

Nicknames: Cars, C, buddy, Snickers, Snickerdoodle, Stinker, etc.

Favorite Toys: He loves his jumperoo and has finally started to jump in it!  Carson also loves sitting up and playing piano on his playmat.  He likes anything crinkly (he has a giraffe and some crinkle books).  He's starting to get more into his ring stacker, but right now he just loves the rattle ring that goes on top!  He also loves a little cell phone that his Grammy bought for him...we keep it on his carseat handle.  While I get his meals ready, he sits in his highchair and plays with the toy that suctions to the tray.  He also still loves his monkey bouncer.  He also LOVES Mommy's cell phone and any TV remote!  Tech geek like Daddy already. :)

Milestones: Carson is developing like crazy!  He rolls both ways and can roll across the room!  (Check out the video below of him rolling to get a toy.)  He pulls toys toward him and has even figured out if they're on the same blanket as him, he can pull the blanket and it will bring the toy closer!  Such a smart boy!  He also sits unsupported.  He does great with tummy time.  He doesn't quite get up on all fours yet, but if we put him in that position, he kind of rocks around before going back into push-up stance.  Carson loves peekaboo and he even plays with us!  Check out the 2nd video below, it's one of my favorites!  Carson has been able to bear weight on his legs for a while, but on his 6 month birthday, he stood while holding onto his jumperoo!  He does a lot of talking and blowing raspberries.  He has started to say more consonants like m, b, d, etc.  His m's sometimes can sound like "mom".  Even though I know he's not saying "mom" or "momma" yet, it still melts my heart!

Here's another video to prove he doesn't always wear those yellow duck jammies!  (Although they are super  soft and cozy.)


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