Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy Friday!

I can't believe it's almost December and the only Christmas gifts I've purchased are all for Carson!  I have soooo many more people to buy for and I feel so behind!

In  9 days we will be leaving to visit warm and sunny FLORIDA!  We're going on a friend-cation and I can't wait for Carson to have a week-long play date with his friend, Hallie!  Here's a picture of our last Florida trip together (April 2013): 

Thanksgiving is next week and I still don't know what I'm making!  Luckily (sadly) we aren't hosting this year so I'm only making a few dishes but I need to plan it out!  I'm thinking broccoli rice casserole (Nick's grandmother's recipe) and some sort of delicious dessert...or two! 

Today is officially our last day in contract with our current realtor.  I'm very VERY excited to move on to someone who is a little more invested in getting this house sold!  I hate not knowing where we'll be for Christmas!
*Not our house!* {via}

Last year at about this time (late November) we had our family photos taken.  I cannot believe it's already been a year!  Take a look at chunky little 6 month old Carson!  :)



  1. hey girlie!!! just started following thanks to the linkup!!! i'm a former teacher too...taking some time to be a nanny before i (eventually!! not yet) change again to be a SAHM! :) loving it. i am a target and beach lover too...we actually just moved to the beach a few months ago which is when i stopped teaching. anyway, just wanted to say HIII!!! and those 6mo. pics of that little chunk are the cutest things ive seen all day. just wanna squeeze him! ;)


  2. Carson and Hallie have both changed SO much since April! Crazy.

    I am in love with Carson's 6 month pictures. What a little ham. Love, love, love him!!!!