Friday, November 8, 2013

My Favorite Lansinoh Goodies!

I was recently contacted by the lovely folks over at Lansinoh.  I was so excited when they asked if I would be interested in reviewing some of their products!  I loved Lansinoh products during my early days of breastfeeding.  Lansinoh's Breastmilk Storage Bags and Disposable Nursing Pads were just a few of my favorite things.  {To see more of my breastfeeding must-haves, check out my post from World Breastfeeding Week!}

Did you know that there are other brands in the Lansinoh family including mOmma and Earth Friendly Baby?  I had no idea these two amazing brands were part of the Lansinoh family!

Lansinoh was kind enough to send me some of the wonderful toddler feeding products by mOmma as well as some bath time goodies from the Earth Friendly Baby line AND some handy Lansinoh wipes!  It was like Christmas morning when the package was delivered - so many fun things to check out!

First let's start with the Skincare Products.  Lansinoh sent me Lansinoh Clean & Condition Wipes.  I love these wipes because they are so gentle (hypoallergenic!) on baby's skin.  They have a nice baby fresh scent that I love.  The wipes are nice and thick which means no tearing while cleaning up those yucky messes babies create!
"Check out these wipes!"

I was also fortunate enough to test out the Earth Friendly Baby Shampoo and Bodywash and Earth Friendly Baby Bubble Bath.  Both of these products come in a lovely, unique mandarin scent.  Did I mention they are totally certified ORGANIC?

Here is my opinion on the Earth Friendly Baby Shampoo and Bodywash and Earth Friendly Baby Bubble Bath:
  • Wonderful, clean scent.
  • Shampoo lathers up very nicely and rinses out easily.
  • Both products use are free from artificial coloring, synthetic fragrances, and parabens.
  • Ingredients are plant-derived.
  • Body wash seems very gentle!

Now onto the Meal Time goodies!  Lansinoh sent me the Straw Cup with Dual Handles, Mealtime Soft Spoon, and Fork.  All 3 products are BPA and Phthalate free!

The spoon and fork are so unique!  They are designed for babies 6months+ and have soft tips to be gentle on gums.  The unique rounded design encourages the utensils to turn upright when dropped which prevents contamination of the tip of the untensil!  You can also extend the handle by placing the travel cap over the sphere shaped handle.  Because Carson is 17 months, I think these utensils are a little too young for him.  The spoon works great, but the fork doesn't quite pierce the foods he is eating these days.  We also had an incident with the spoon while we were using the travel cap as an extended handle and he pulled it apart, splattering yogurt everywhere!  I will say though, I'm very excited to use these with Baby2 when we first are introducing solids, I think they will be perfect!  The travel cap is a real bonus for on-the-go families!

The straw cup is a very unique design.  It looks nothing like Carson's other sippies which made him very interested!  They also sell a design without handles.  Carson is always busy these days so I think the handles are helpful for when he only has one hand free to hold his drink!  This unique cup was voted "Product of the Year" in 2012 for the Toddler Mealtime category!  The straw folds into the lid when closed for protection when not in use.  One downside I see to this cup is that it has a lot of parts which makes for a more meticulous cleaning job!  However, I've found that most "leak-proof" sippies are the same way.  I'll take a few extra minutes cleaning the actual cup if I don't have to clean spilled milk everywhere from a leaky cup!  I also was a little bummed that the spherical shape made this cup hard to fit in the side pocket of my diaper bag as well as cupholders in the car seat and stroller.  It also has a slower flow on the straw so that took some getting used to on Carson's end.  (He is used to drinking from straws with faster flows.)  Otherwise, Carson really loves it!

Wondering why it was so slow coming out.  :)

Did you know the Lansinoh company was founded by a breastfeeding mom?  (So cool!)  Also, they have a blog!  Check it out: On Cloud Mom.

Note: I received these products from the Lansinoh company in exchange for my honest opinions and review.


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